May 8, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra yells during the second half in game two of the second round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs against the Brooklyn Nets at American Airlines Arena. Miami won 94-82. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Heat vs. Pacers Game 2: Was Erik Spoelstra Unprepared for Series Opener?

The Miami Heat dropped their first game of the Eastern Conference Finals to the Indiana Pacers and that has a lot of Heat fans wondering what went wrong to lead to the loss. Some are blaming the poor three-point shooting but others are placing the blame on a seemingly unprepared Erik Spoelstra.

While Spo seemed to know who he wanted to play, he didn’t really seem to know how he wanted his pieces to move in and out of the game. Some of these follies were highlighted by Ira Winderman from the Sun-Sentinel and they’re hard points to argue with.

Per Ira Winderman:

I wouldn’t overstate the appearance of uncertainty with Spoelstra; he clearly knew who he was going to play and how he was going to play them. If anything, he might have gone away from Shane Battier too quickly, considering he made his only 3-point attempt. Then there was the quick hook for James Jones.

No matter how it appeared, Spoelstra indeed seemed to know what he was doing but there were some questionable coaching moments in the game. But we know that Spo isn’t Phil Jackson and is prone to mistakes, and that’s why they play more than one. Miami’s play on the court didn’t hep either, so lets not shovel on Spoelstra, but Game 2 will be interesting to see how he manages the players he decides to play.

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    Of course he was unprepared, he figured, it worked two years in a row why not do the same thing, not factoring this team is less talented and he will need to step up his level of coaching, which i doubt… and Erik proved his genius on National TV by leaving a 7,2 guy under the rim without anyone in the game to guard him. The heat needs Erik to be at a Chris Bosh, even Dwayne Wayne bad knees and all level of coaching, right now Erik is at a Norris Cole zero points, minus 19 and with more turnovers, fouls and bad play than points, but one thing we know like Norris Coles Erik will be back out there for the next game. Erik is a sham of a coach but people are afraid to critique him because of two rings he did not earn… and that Idiot of a G.M Pat “brain rot” Riley is not without blame, That Jack-donkey had 4 year to get the Heat some size inside, the players did the hard part, they formed the big 1.50 and Riley “grease spill” Riley failed when players like Blatche, Gortat and Hawes, were available, instead Riley puts faith in a guy who makes Derrick “soft girl scout cookie” Rose seem like iron man. Erik needs to get Beasley some playing time, the Heat will not win without his size, height and athletic ability!