Credit: @WillManso

Indiana Pacers misspell Eastern Conference Finals underneath basket (Photo)

The Indiana Pacers my ave won the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat but they haven’t been winning any spelling bees as of late and we have glaring proof of that inside of Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. While the Pacers may be up a game in the series, they apparently can’t spell the title of the round properly and it’s displayed on the pad underneath on of the baskets.

It’s hard to say just what exactly went wrong here, as it could have been peeled off in the process of getting there or could just be a manufacturing error, but it’s still a bad look to have the name of the round you’re trying to win misspelled inside of your home building.

Then again, if this were to happen inside AmericanAirlines Arena, we would probably be more forgiving, so let’s not go too hard on the Pacers. Plus, we won’t want to be the fan base that calls out the other team for something juvenile like not knowing how to spell, because that’s just mean.

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