Nov 27, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; A fans holds up a sign referencing Miami Heat small forward LeBron James (not pictured) during a game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat at Quicken Loans Arena. Miami won 95-84. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James returning to Cavaliers is laughable to NBA executives

 It takes a lot of missing brain cells to be up there with the likes of James Dolan as an NBA owner but somehow Gilbert has been up to the task. Despite the fact that he basically ran LeBron James out of town in 2010 by his boneheaded ways of running a professional basketball franchise, the man who once spasmed out a letter that belittled LeBron is one of the guys who would welcome him back with open arms. 

But as everyone with a fully functional brain will tell you, LeBron James is not giving up the best thing that will ever happen in his NBA career to return home to Cleveland.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, one scout noted that if LeBron were to ever meet with Dan Gilbert this summer, it would be a very short conversation.

Whenever the idea of LeBron James returning to the Cavs this summer was broached during the NBA predraft camp last week, personnel from around the league met the topic with a mixture of snickers, laughs, eye rolls and direct denials.

“It’ll be a short conversation,” one agent said. “No thank you and have a nice day.”

Let’s say this really slow so Dan Gilbert and all the crazy conspiracy nuts out there will hear us — LeBron James is not going back to Cleveland. Now, this isn’t to say he’s going to stay in Miami forever, but returning to a place that has had three of the last No. 1 picks isn’t LeBron’s idea of a homecoming.

There’s a reason Dan Gilbert has had three of the last four No. 1 picks and it’s the same reason LeBron James isn’t going back to Cleveland.

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  • Daniel

    The Heat’s bandwagon fanbase drops like Enron stock if Lebron leaves

    • Josh Hill

      I don’t necessarily think that’s true. I’m positive there are plenty of bandwagon fans but there are just as many loyal fans who love this team no matter if it has stars like LeBron or not. The Bulls are still popular today and the same could have been said about fans leaving with Jordan and it didn’t happen.

      • Nate

        Chicago is a sports town, with blue collar people who are die hard fans and passionate about their team! Miami, a vacation spot, and fans who show up late for games and leave early because they apparently feel theres more to their life then sitting inside watching men shoot a ball into a hoop for entertainment! I presume would feel the same way if I lived on a beach!

  • Nate

    You are wrong in so many manners, first off this article is laughable you gave 0 valid reasons as to why lebron won’t come back. One scouts word is as useless as me reading this article form a biased heat fan! Speaking on part of being a cavs fan or not, Dan gilbert has always ran the cavaliers organization as well as any in the NBA, your heats first class quota doesn’t exist, they would have never even came on to the seen had they not drafted wade! Your two championships would have never been achieved without help from akron’s own Lebron James along with a miracle shot by Ray allen! But aside from all of this can we not address the fact that Pat Riley doesn’t give a damn about the people in Miami, the city itself, or people like you and the rest of the fans, and neither does lebron for that matter! They are there to get their rings, build an NBA legacy, and bring in the dough. In a sense your being used and manipulated to thinking that these millionaire even give a damn about you fans! On the other hand there is Cleveland where the owner nearly risked everything in order to defend the city and its people the night Lebron left! He cares about people because he sees the passion and pride we have here in northeastern Ohio! Its unlike any other, maybe you should fly up here and see for yourself how electric the Q gets on game day! Cleveland deserves a championship more then any team in the NBA, and Dan Gilbert is brave enough to take on the task of delivering us a great team despite being from a relevantly smaller area! A short conversation between the two would leave lebron feeling once again guilty because he knows who he left and how much it hurt! There is a lot of damage control needed, otherwise Lebron will lose even more respect for not only leaving Cleveland, but ignoring them like nothing ever happened and no promises where ever made!

  • Dede Vitrano

    I cannot mentally understand how “writers” like yourself get paid to report or write about sports. What’s laughable is the complete and utter garbage you compose. It is so out of touch with reality with zero truth or credibility to what you and any one that publishes this steaming pile of shit. You, along with 95% of sports reporters/writers/analysts need to be banned from talking, watching, discussing, AND DEFINITELY writing, all things involving the NBA. In fact, just delete all sports from your life. It would do everyone else a favor and make the world a better place. You are why bleacher report’s has absolutely no valid or factual knowledge in any of their stories or posts. It’s about as true as the tabloids displayed in check aisles of the grocery stores. You Dummy, are the one working with missing brain cells and need to be tested for down syndrome.