LeBron James Opt-O-Meter: After Heat Take Game 4 vs Pacers

Editor’s note: After every playoff game the All U Can Heat staff weighs in on the “LeBron James Opt-O-Meter” — the real-time measurement of LeBron’s mood in regards to whether or not he will stay in Miami after he opts out of his contract this summer. It’s not difficult to understand: 1 means he’s gone, like ‘Seeyuh, Miami, I’m going to Los Angeles’ gone. 10 means he’s staying, like already signed the contract in red gel pen staying. Like going in on South Florida-based investments with David Beckham staying. The reading is the average combined rating from the AUCH staff.

5/26 Opt-O-Reading: 10

Wes Goldberg: Even if LeBron doubted just a little bit, Chris Bosh showed him why he wanted to team up with that dude from Toronto in the first place. Unfortunately, Chris Posada is drunk. So I have to give this is -295 to even things out.

David Ramil: Yeah, I think it’s a 10. Solid game from everybody, great start and just enough to close out the game. This is what James wanted when he came here, despite the obvious “signs of weakness.” Damn, Lance…time to shut up, bruh.

Jimmy Cook: 10. I’ll keep this short and sweet, but don’t get used to it. The Big 3 (that’s right not just a Big 2, but the entire Big 3), dominated this game, especially Bosh from the beginning. Most importantly the team collectively stepped up with Birdman’s absence, and turned Big Roy and Lance into soul searchers for the entire game. While I feel for Hibbert and the beating he’s taken from the media this postseason, tonight was the night Indiana had to dominate inside, but instead he was held scoreless and the Heat ran wire to wire. Safe to say nobody is in the King’s head but himself, he’s one of the smartest players to ever play. So why would LeBron leave this? 11 down, 5 to go for the Trey by the Bay.

Chris Posada: 305. It’s fun to have help, isn’t it, LeBron? That’s what he got tonight. Chris Bosh showed up in a big way, and that set the tone for the rest on the game. You’re not trying to lure just LeBron; you need to bring in help to surround him. Where else can he find that but on South Beach.

Ehsan Kassim: 10. Boshy Bear showed LeBron that the Big 3 still exists. The Heat are just a game away from their fourth straight finals. What other team can offer LeBron that?

Blaine Hunkins10. Bosh played well and so did Wade. LeBron would be a FOOL to leave.

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    Stop with this crap, win or lose this year, if Pat “brain dead” Riley doesn’t get of his Azz and get Lebron some players in the off season James will not return, Its been 4 years and James has been doing all the heavy lifting in Miami… One player should not be leading your team in points, rebound, assist and be expected to carry a lot of the defensive load as well.. and last time i checked everyone was drawing a paycheck including two players each making 19 plus million a year !

    • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

      You’re right. Bosh was terrible when he averaged 23 ppg against Chicago and 19 ppg against Dallas. Bosh was terrible when he dominated the boards in games 2 and 3 of the finals in 2012. He was terrible when he had four double doubles in the NBA finals last year. He was terrible when he blocked Danny Green’s corner three attempt, he was terrible when he got the rebound and passed the ball to Allen, and most of all he was terrible last night.

      Bosh was terrible when he played center instead of power forward to facilitate Miami’s system. Bosh was terrible when he was literally the most efficient midrange shooter in the game. And Bosh was really terrible when he added a three point shot to space the floor for two of the most dominant slashers ever. Dock his pay.

      19 ppg on 56.5% shooting? Send Wade to the home!

      But yeah. Miami hasn’t gotten James any help in the last 4 years. Ray Allen, Mike Miller, and Shane Battier haven’t lit people up from 3. Cole and Chalmers haven’t done an excellent job of spacing the floor. Chris Anderson wasn’t an excellent pickup from the discount bin.

      Does Miami need to retool this offseason? Of course. Lewis, Allen, Haslem, and Battier all will be gone or need a diminished role going forwards. But let’s not pretend that Miami has been a one man show for 4 years. That is ridiculous.

      • Real M-Fing talk !!!

        How many games and series has the big 1.75 played together? … a lot and you are picking out 2 series, and a few games…. Bosh is getting paid the same as Lebron… if Lebron showed up in as many games as Bosh people would lose their minds. you are giving a 6’11 guy credit for hitting the boards in 2 games, while your 6’8 small forward has lead your team in rebounding for 4 YEARS !!!….

        Bosh’s 4 double double, you cannot be serious… 10 points and 10 boards is a double double , he is a forward he should be getting those every night… but i noticed you ignored the fact BOSH HAD ZERO POINTS !!!!! in a deciding game 7, he was a no show 19 million dollars and zero points, so Bosh did not save crap with that rebound… Its pop’s dumb Azz that sat Duncan and DECIDED NOT TO FOUL the Heat…. any average forward in the NBA on the floor in Bosh’s position could have pulled that board without Duncan or blocked green’s shot… no credit for that…. Everyone seem to forget in that game 6 it was Lebron doing all the work keeping the heat in it, they benched Coles in that game and for game 7, it was Lebron who hit the first 3 then missed the second when Bosh got the rebound…. Bosh, Allen and the others were just scavengers in that game…. they did nothing until the end…. And Do not give Bosh any credit for playing center when Lebron plays any position on the floor when asked to, he may get bullied by the likes of D. West but at least he tries.

        Bosh is an average mid-rang shooter and a worst 3 point shooter than Lebron , how many NBA teams would trade their to forward for Bosh, that should tell you all you need to understand Bosh the guy who i think made the playoffs once in Toronto and zero times when he ran the show… The Birdman and ray Allen at times are the only ones i could agree with… the other players show up in spurts and people seem to always ignore that and give them a pass… How many times has Chalmers shown up in this year’s playoffs, Coles just started playing well and aside from that one game what has ray Allen done, Shane Battier has disappeared… you cannot have players like those around a superstar who shows up every night to play

        you know your supporting cast is bad when i liked what i saw from Lewis these last few games mind you he cannot score… and Beasley should be getting some time

        yes if one player leads your team in points, rebounds , assist and is you best defenders, what would you
        call that a circus…. no a ONE MAN SHOW !

        get back to me when another player on the heat leads them in rebounds or takes up the defensive slack like Ibaka does in OKC or a player avg. 5 assist a game.

        • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

          You’re ridiculous! They moved James off of West, largely because he wasn’t particularly trying. Bosh didn’t score in that game 7, but he also only attempted five shots WHILE STILL SPREADING THE FLOOR. Bosh is the outlet, not the source. Is he worth as much as LeBron? Of course not! LeBron is severely, severely underpaid.

          Is Bosh overpaid? Maybe, but that wasn’t your argument either. Your argument was that he is worthless, which clearly isn’t true, even when he isn’t scoring.

          Year 1) Very strong playoffs.
          Year 2) Injured for second round and majority of conference finals. Still put up a very strong game 7 against Boston and played well in the Finals.
          Year 3) Weak series vs Pacers, clearly a matchup problem. Strong Finals with the exception of game 7.
          Year 4) Shooting 42% from 3. FORTY-TWO!

          You say he should get double digit rebounds because he is a forward center, but you ignore that he is largely a perimeter player both in perimeter defense and on offense.

          And that doesn’t even touch on Dwyane Wade.

          • Real M-Fing talk !!!

            Yes because West takes too much out of your main scorer, why didn’t Bosh take on West, … Oh i forgot, Bosh was getting schooled by Scola !!! enough said….

            Please stop with that spacing floor crap, Love shoots way more 3pters than bosh and Love doubles Bosh in rebounds !!!… i have seen games where Ray Allen pulled down more Boards than Bosh ! And in that game 7 don’t act like the ball was in Bosh’s hands only 5 times, he had his chances… I did not mention Wade because he is not a healthy player who should be taking a pay cut along with Bosh !…. year two Bosh showing up in game 7 is laughable…. the Boston series was all about Lebron so don’t mention bosh’s name in that !.. no show in year 2 and 3 and so far very average in year 4 … Bosh can make up for this years playoff by killing the Spurs, then all will be forgiven !

          • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

            Yeah… that abdominal tear before playing VERY well constitutes a no show. Of course the Love gets more rebounds than Bosh. The Heat largely ignore offensive rebounding by design, and Love isn’t asked to trap and defend beyond the three point line.

            And again, a center shooting 42% from three is NOT average