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NBA Finals: America is rooting for Miami Heat to lose (Photo)

The NBA Finals are tipping off this week and it seems like this series will again be an instant classic that fans won’t want to miss a minute of. But while we know that fans in San Antonio are pulling for the Spurs and fans in Miami are pulling for the Heat, we don’t know who the rest of the country are rooting for.

Well, until now at least.

ESPN ran a poll to see who the rest of America is pulling for in the NBA Finals and it would appear that the Heat do not have many allies outside of Florida.

It seems that the rest of the country is stuck in 2011 as there is no conceivable way that 57 percent of the country is rooting against the Heat still. Hasn’t the whole hating LeBron for leaving Cleveland thing worn off by now, or are basketball fans just angry in general.

I’m a Bulls fan and even I’m pulling for LeBron if for nothing other than the history of what he and the Heat are trying to accomplish so if I can forgive and forget, what’s the hold up with fans who have no good reason to dislike LeBron? It’s pretty hard to fathom the hate, but folks rooting against the Heat hasn’t stopped them the last two years so it’s unlikely to do anything other than fuel the fire a third time around.

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  • MichaelNupe Thompson

    How did they take this pole I’m from Springfield mo and want the heat to win. Been a fan since 06

    • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

      Voluntary poll on Not scientific, but it is reflective.

    • al_frick

      “Been a fan since 06. ”

      Is there a clearer definition of bandwagon fan than this?

      • MichaelNupe Thompson

        Did that make you feel better. Congratulations for your two seconds of fame for replying to my post now run along now and get off my t.i.p…

  • Charles Watkins

    Did it ever occur to you that people might actually like the Spurs?

  • al_frick

    Only fools would wonder who America is cheering for. no one likes you because you’re a bunch of entitled, arrogant priks (the Decision, the Introduction, every time you slam the ball you puff out your chest). Except for Wade, you all bailed on your teams (Celtics, Cavs, Raptors) cause you couldn’t handle the rest of the NBA, despite being given incredible talent.

  • al_frick

    Josh Hill is a little whiny twerp. you call yourself a Bulls fan. Really? 99.9% of Bulls fans hate the Heat with a passion. opped only by Boston fans.