San Antonio Spurs Troll LeBron James for Opting Out (Photo)

LeBron James opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat on Tuesday — if you hadn’t already heard — and it’s sparking a resurgence in LeBron hate from certain teams.

While there are plenty of teams in the mix to sign LeBron this summer, teams that aren’t interested in him are taking the time to troll the Heat and their possibly soon-to-be superstar one last time.

The San Antonio Spurs are one of those teams and they’re getting out all the trolling they may have saved up for the final two games of the NBA Finals that never ended up happening.

This seems like a bit of a low blow if you ask me. Is it not enough to win the NBA Finals in five games against the team that was going for history? Trolling LeBron James seems to be out of the Spurs jurisdiction at this point, but LeBron hate is nothing new so we shouldn’t be that surprised that it’s happening.

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  • MichaelNupe Thompson

    Wow, it’s crazy how that even after winning the finals and embarrassing the heat that they can’t seem to keep the heat or their players names out of their mouths….Lmao I know the spurs are getting nearly the recognition that Miami got last year after they won. But agree the spurs win the finals 2 weeks later no one is hardly taking about them. It’s all about FA now, featuring melo and LeBron…But the spurs keep trolling. Lmao I thought they were suppose to be an organisation of class. I mean ya won and still talking…is it jealousy that the spotlight got taken off ya achievement that quick lmao

    • Ben

      I love how this article uses “San Antonio Spurs troll” Lebron James to try and tarnish the Spurs reputation. I also find it funny that people like Michael Thompson and Josh Hill cannot read the ClearChannel logo. If you think the ” San Antonio Spurs” were behind this advertisement you clearly are looking for an excuse to hate on the Spurs. I suggest the next time you have the urge to write something Josh Hill, that you do it honestly. FYI the title of your article should have read something like this but as they say, haters will hate, and sometimes the truth does hurt.

      • MichaelNupe Thompson

        I don’t have anything against the spurs actually…Lmao…. in my comment if you saw and read I said they were a classy organization. But how do you know the spurs are nut behind this…. are you working with their front office… are you an analyst……………………. don’t think so. Hahahahahahahaha so anyway spurs been trying hard at taking shots at the heat.

  • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

    This billboard will look horribly stupid if LeBron ends up taking less money in a team friendly deal to remain with the Heat. Of course accuracy was never the point…