Jun 4, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade (3) smiles during practice before game one of the 2014 NBA Finals against the San Antonia Spurs at the AT&T Center. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade Opts Out, Chris Bosh Expected to Follow

As expected, Dwyane Wade has opted out of his current contract with the Miami Heat and will join LeBron James in free agency, according to the Associated Press.

The move comes after a Bleacher Report report that Udonis Haslem opted out of his final year worth $4.6 million.

Haslem, Wade and Chris Bosh all share similar representation. Teams can start negotiating with players on July 1 but cannot officially sign until July 10. James was the first to opt out of his deal.

The idea here is that the Big Three will opt out and re-sign for less money per year in order to create more immediate cap flexibility. Bosh hasn’t opted out yet, but is expected to do so in the coming days.  When he does, the Heat will have a record amount of cap room.

That cap room gives Heat President Pat Riley a lot of flexibility in recreating this roster, but his first job will be to keep Wade and the rest of the Big Three in Miami for a few more championship runs.

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    Riley needs to understand the reason he wants players to opt out other than Lebron is to help the team… pay them what they’re REALLY worth… If Riley gives Wade more than 10 million he’s an idiot and i would leave if i was Lebron because it would still be about “Team Wade” who is a bench player trying to hold on as a starter, first and “Team Miami” second. Who in the Nba would think of signing Wade for even 8 million? and Bosh making over 10 million is silly going forward considering what he does for the Heat…

    Players like Gortat is being offered 10-12 million from the Wiz and i would rather have Gortat at 12 plus than Bosh and get a cheaper “power” forward to spread the floor, who are we kidding i can’t even use the word Bosh and power forward without feeling stupid because there’s nothing “power” in Bosh’s game, if he was a power forward, James and Battier wouldn’t have to switch off guarding players like D. West Miami needs to look at players like Hawes as rotation centers and try to get guys like Charlie V. to help out the bench

    • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

      Bosh has had to play center. When Battier or James is guarding West, it is because Bosh is guarding Hibbert. At least keep your rants accurate.

      • Real M-Fing talk !!!

        Please tell me when Bosh has EVER “guarded” Hibbert????
        you mean all those times Hibbert was killing Miami insided… even when Hibbert was struggling against crappy teams he had great games against Miami until his mental checkout this year… Why because no one was guarding him… please reply with a video link of this magical Defense Bosh played on Hibbert ! did you see what a dried up fossil did to Bosh in the finals?…. for bleep sakes they had to put Lweis on Ducan at times because Bosh is so worthless…. What does Bosh do other than take wide open jumpers and get a few blocks on help defense, when was the last time you saw Bosh getting double teamed?

        • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

          Of course Bosh struggles with Hibbert. Bosh isn’t a true center.

          And by dried up fossil you mean… Tim Duncan? Tim Duncan that in San Antonio’s three consecutive blowout wins shot under 50% and averaged a shade over 12 ppg? Sigh.

          • Real M-Fing talk !!!

            So why pay Bosh like a bigman… Aldridge is a bigman and should be paid as such, Bosh isnt… there was a reason Bosh only had numbers in toronto and nothing else to show for it…. andThat’s my point , no one was guarding Duncan, that fossil wasn’t doing that against teams with guys who could body him up, they almost lost in the first round because the Spurs were not getting layup after layups

          • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

            You do realize that Aldridge doesn’t play center, right?

            You also realize that Aldridge has won precisely one playoff series in his career, right? Talk about not having anything to show for numbers.

            Aldridge is also a significantly less efficient scorer than many players that you have criticized as being volume scorers.

            BTW, Duncan’s stats against Miami were worse than against OKC or Dallas.

          • Real M-Fing talk !!!

            i never said Aldridge played center, i used laMarcus because he plays the same position as bosh power forward !… bigmen as centers and PF’s in my books, the only reason bosh was taken ahead of laMarcus is because people had concerns about his knee and maybe he didnt want to play up north.. so you are telling me if i turned on the tape, i will see that fossil dominating okc and dallas… like he did at times in the finals….
            no because we both know what you mean when you say “stats” just like you know what i mean when i say other things but you feel the need to counter it, there’s only so much one can say in a few words and its always there to be picked apart but please dont act like i have zero knowledge of the game and its players

          • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

            12 ppg in San Antonio’s three wins is hardly dominating by any measure of the imagination, but feel free to keep tossing that out there.

            And the reason Bosh got picked ahead of Aldridge is because Bosh is a legit star. Aldridge is an inefficient jump shooter that lacks the 3 point range and flexibility to play center that makes Bosh so valuable in Miami.

            I watched Aldridge get shut down by a 6’4″ power forward in college. That power forward went on to play point guard in Denmark’s pro league.

            Let me repeat it: Bosh is a better power forward than Aldridge. Bosh is a better center than Aldridge. Bosh is just not a better center than Aldridge is power forward.

            But yeah, keep using inconsistent arguments to fit your narratives.