Jun 5, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade (3) talks with forward Chris Bosh (1) after a timeout in the second half against the San Antonio Spurs in game one of the 2014 NBA Finals at AT&T Center. Mandatory Credit: Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Report Says Wade, Bosh Agree to Pay Cuts with Miami Heat

We are less than 24 hours into the official NBA Free Agency season, but there appears to be some big news coming out of Miami.

According to the Oregonian’s John Canzano, Dwyane Wade will return with the Heat on a four-year  contract with an $12 salary for the 2014-2015 season – a significant pay cut considering he just opted out of a two-year, $41.5 million contact with the organization just a few days ago.

Chris Bosh reportedly will sign a five-year contract with the Heat, beginning with an $11 million salary for the 2014-2015 season. Similarly to Wade, Bosh would be taking a massive pay cut to stay with the Miami Heat organization.

Heat teammate Chris Bosh has agreed in principal to a five-year contract extension with Miami that would pay him $11 million in the first year, the source confirmed. Further, Heat teammate Dwyane Wade has agreed to re-sign in Miami for four years, beginning at $12 million in year one.

If the reports are true, this will be a huge step in the goal to resign LeBron James, who is reportedly seeking a two-year contract at the maximum salary. This also helps the Heat (specifically Pat Riley) in their free-agent search because players would know for certain they would be committing to an organization that has championship aspirations the next few seasons.

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    The media is so gutless, The Miami Heat is a WIN NOW Championship team.
    How is Wade getting 12 million to start and Bosh 11 a win now Team… Gortat just signed for 12 million i would rather him play in the front court than Bosh and sign a cheaper stretch 4
    the point of sacrificing and taking a PAYCUT does not mean….. you get in Wade case 40 million over 4 years instead of two…. HOW IS THAT sacrificing???… it would only be sacrificing if Wade was still worth 20 million dollars a year…. he is not even a 12 million dollar a year player… if Wade was sacrificing he would get that 40 million over 6 or 7 years, if Wade wants to be paid he should go to another team, and we will quickly see how many teams are willing to pay him 40 million over 4 years… and Bosh is another story Gortat would be better for that price… because he will lead the team in rebounding and automatically be the best inside defender on the team and score a lot of easy buckets inside, But Riley never looks ahead, Gortat and Hawes were out there to be had but Riley stood “Pat” allowing them to be scooped up by teams who were going nowhere… But what Riley never understands the more moves you make early the fewer you will need later and signing guys like Gortat early would have been an audition not only for your team but your city and once a guy take root, it’s hard to up rooting him at a discount rate !

  • Mike

    More junk writing! So some guy in Oregon reports this and heat supporters fly with it. The agent of the two players refutes it and everybody ignores it. THEIR agent, you know the guy who talks to them everyday said the report is BS. Write the facts!