Signing Eddy Curry is a No-Brainer

Miami is now flirting with the notion of adding Eddy Curry as the final piece of their roster heading into the playoffs. Granted Curry is without a doubt a bust up to this point in his career but guess what, he’s better than anyone the Heat currently have at center.

No he can’t shoot like Big Z, can’t rebound like Dampier and can’t defend/block like Joel but what he offers is a combination of size, youth and athleticism that the Heat currently lack at the five spot.

The Heat should release Jamal Magloire and focus on getting Curry into playing shape. If Riley and Spoelstra can light a fire under this guy they might be able to redefine his career. All they need to do is ask him if he’s content with being a less accomplished version of Shawn Kemp or if he wants another big payday down the road. 

Regardless signing Curry would only add a legit 7 footer with more foot speed and jumping ability than Big Z or Dampier and more girth/size than Joel. Lastly unlike anyone on the Heat roster right now Curry is a back to the basket center capable of scoring in the post.

More than Mike Bibby, Curry could be the wildcard needed to increase the Heat’s chances at playoff success this season.