Shawne Williams Will Bounce Back From Poor Opening Day Performance

Shawne Williams went 1-of-9, missing all six of his 3-pointers, in the Miami Heat’s opening win against the Washington Wizards. As Blaine writes, he was the lone wolf on a team that was shooting well.

It doesn’t get too much worse than that (he still somehow had a plus/minus of plus-six. I hate that stat). As the Palm Beach Post’s Jason Lieser writes, it’ll get better.

Give Williams a mulligan after struggling to settle his nerves on opening night. He was on the brink of falling out of the league before Miami signed him and he fought his way back from obscurity to earn a temporary starting job while McRoberts recovers from a toe injury. Williams missed his first seven shots and finished with three points, six rebounds and five fouls. He was 1 for 9 from the field and 0 for 6 on 3-pointers. As he gets more time, he will improve and his outside shooting should move toward his career mark of 33.3 percent.

Here’s the thing, this is what we saw from Williams the entire preseason. He’s either hot or cold for an entire game. In eight games, Williams’ shooting percentages were: 50%, 37.5%, 42.9%, 77.8%, 25%, 37.5%, 14.3% and 71.4%. Up and down, you might say.

Williams should bounce back for many reasons. Getting more comfortable. Regression to the mean. Trends. You name it. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. He just needs to have a good game shooting from the perimeter here and there to make sure defenses respect him and he can keep the floor relatively spaced for the rest of the Heat.

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