Miami Heat: Have several thousand seats please Mr. Cheese

Former Miami Heat swingman, Dion Waiters, is now a “champion” with the Los Angeles Lakers. He shouldn’t be so… pompous… about it though.

The Miami Heat had a tough six-game NBA Finals series against the Los Angeles Lakers. There are no moral victories here, but considering the Miami Heat’s circumstances and the talent that the Lakers have, it shouldn’t have ever been as close as it even was.

They honestly should have swept the Heat after Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic went down. They didn’t though, because the Miami Heat and Jimmy Butler continued to fight.

In the end, it wasn’t enough though, as the Lakers talent was too much to overcome. We all know the story by now, as I won’t continue to make you live that awful experience again.

Well, we won’t, but there is one guy who seems intent on never letting anyone forget exactly how he got there. How he became a champion.

That guy is former Miami Heat swingman, Dion Waiters. We won’t say anymore though, as we would like to submit the following clip into evidence, per a Bleacher Report social media account.

Former Miami Heat swingman, Dion Waiters, is really happy he was on a title team.

On top of the fact that it feels like he’s taking a shot, there are other obvious details we must discuss. Did he score a single bucket in the NBA Finals?

We are all for supporting your team, but to talk this greasy… for lack of better words… is almost appalling. Are you guys almost offended?

Well, perhaps that’s just me.

He says “CC” for Championship Cheese. How about “PTC” or “OSC”, Participation Trophy Cheese or Orange Slice Cheese. Yea, those work better.

Ok, let’s be honest. Are our sodium levels high with this one? Perhaps.

Are we reaching? Perhaps you’re right there too.

Did he score a single bucket in the Finals that he is so gloriously hanging his ego from right now though? The answer is no.

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With that and again Mr. Cheese, have several thousand seats. You weren’t with them shooting in the gym!

Sincerely, your old pals, Miami Heat fans.