Miami Heat: Grading Each Of Pat Riley’s Offseason Moves

Miami Heat president Pat Riley address reporters (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat president Pat Riley address reporters (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Udonis Haslem #40 of the Miami Heat warms-up in a Black Lives Matter shirt before the start of a game (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

There are two Miami Heat power forwards that are special to this team for two different reasons. Both had to get new deals this offseason.

Udonis Haslem

We can just get this one out of the way early. A few people seemed to take issue with the return of Udonis Haslem, but they’ll get over it.

As we say and have all heard a trillion times by now, his value to the team doesn’t show up on the boxscore. Whatever they pay him is worth it for what he brings to the team.

Besides, he only makes a little over $2.5 million, which is a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of it all. He’s back because he has value, plain and simple.

Grade: A+

Bam Adebayo

This is another deal for a power forward that had to get done. Long thought to be something that the Miami Heat would kick the can down the road on to provide maximum flexibility next offseason, they went ahead and got the deal done.

The extension will pay Bam Adebayo $163 million over five years and could be worth as much as $195.6 million if he hits his escalators and accolades. Bam is the motor of the team, as he makes it all go.

This deal had to get done sooner or later and I am glad that they went ahead with the commitment. It ensures that he won’t have the chance to think about going anywhere.

It is also reported that because they gave him the deal now, he didn’t want an option on the contract at all, so he is here for the long run. That deal also makes the grade, of course.

Grade: A+