How can the Heat fix their problems down low?


Throughout this whole season, the Heat have been getting pounded down low. Joel Anthony and Udonis Haslem have been getting boards, but they have not had much help. Eddy Curry hasn’t developed yet and everyone knows Bosh isn’t much of a tough guy. The Heat need to fix this problem immediately. The way I see it, there are probably 3 solutions to this problem.

Option 1: Pick up Joel Przybilla
I’m sure you’re saying to yourself right now, “Who?” Well, Przybilla is the only big guy on the market that is worth chasing. Pat Riley has already offered him a contract and wants him on the team. He is 7-1 and he can grab boards and that’s exactly what the Heat need. Przybilla is a 12 year NBA vet and would know his role on a team full of stars. For his career, he averages 6.3 rebounds per game, which would dramatically help the Heat.

Option 2: Play the young guys and use Eddy Curry
The Heat have three centers on their roster who barely play. Mickell Gladness is 6-11 and an amazing shot blocker. If he got minutes, I am sure he would make the most of his opportunity. Dexter Pittman is not only 6-11, but he is also 308 pounds. His body alone would be a force down in the post. The Heat need to find a way to use his size to their advantage. Eddy Curry has shown he still has a lot left in the tank. After losing all the weight he had put on, Curry is now in shape and just waiting for a chance to play. He was first round talent back in the day, so Spo should try and use him a little more.

Option 3: Trade for Dwight Howard
I’m sure you think I am crazy, but it’s definitely possible. Orlando is looking for pieces to build a team and Miami is looking for a big man. Dwight would love to be in Miami and Adidas would love it too. It wouldn’t be a far move for him and he would have a chance to win championships every year. Orlando would be getting more team players while Miami would be getting another star. My proposed trade is Chris Bosh, Mike Miller, young Norris Cole, and a draft pick for Dwight. Bosh has done a great job, but the Heat have enough shooters to make up for his stroke. Miller would be replaced by James Jones, who needs to get more time anyway. Cole would be the heartbreaker in this trade. Fans love him and he obviously has a bright future. The Magic don’t trust Jameer Nelson and would probably demand Cole in any trade. Dwight Howard is worth all of this trouble.

Whatever the Heat choose to do, they need to fix their problems down low. They will lost to inferior teams if they can’t rebound and score down low. It’s important to find a big man who will get boards and box out, and hopefully Pat Riley finds one.