Why Won’t LeBron Take the Last Shot?


Since he joined Miami last season, LeBron James has been the subject of criticism over his “clutchness” and unwillingness to take the last shot. In Cleveland, LeBron hit big shots and was always counted on to take the last shot, so what has happened? Has LeBron lost that ability? Has the media gotten in his head? Does playing next to 2 All-Stars hold him back? Whatever it is, LeBron seriously needs to start trusting himself and taking the last shot. He is the best player in the NBA and shouldn’t hesitate to shoot it.

In Cleveland, LeBron James was relied on for everything. If a game was on the line, Coach Mike Brown chose him to shoot the shot. But the thing is, even if LeBron deferred it in Cleveland, no one would have cared because he was the outright star and leader on that team, whatever he thought was best was the right choice. These days it doesn’t come that easy.

If people believe that LeBron has lost the ability to make a game-winning shot, they are crazy. Against the Jazz on Friday night, James went 8-9 in the 4th quarter with 17 points, but was largely criticized because of his decision to pass the ball to Udonis Haslem for the final shot of the game. If this were Cleveland, no one would have said a thing, but the fact that LeBron is now on a team with 2 All-Stars, the circumstances change.

So at the end of the day, I believe that playing with 2 All-Stars is what has held LeBron back. He is scared to take that last shot because he knows there are 2 other guys who are also capable of making that shot. If Udonis Haslem had been Mo Williams and there was no D-Wade on the court, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. LeBron does not want to let people down, it’s the story of his life. He was heartbroken that Cleveland decided to hate him and he feels the same way about letting his team down.

LeBron James is hands-down the best player in the NBA. He obviously has a ton of pressure on him and the media always takes shots at him. From the bike he rides to the game to his mom getting arrested to his house, the media obsesses with him. He is very self-conscious about his image and if he messed up, he’ll pay for it.

LeBron, you are the best player in the NBA. Please take the last shot. Chances are that it will go in and you will be the man. You are already the King, but why not add meaning to that name. This is what separates you, Jordan, and Kobe. Even if you miss, you tried and had the balls to take it.

For people to call LeBron “Scottie Pippen” or Robin (from Batman) is absurd. Scottie Pippen was never the front-runner for MVP and never was regarded as the best player in the NBA. So let’s throw all of that garbage out of the window. To be realistic, Dwyane is Scottie (sorry D-Wade) and Bosh is the scoring version of Horace Grant, while Udonis is the rebounding version of Dennis Rodman. LeBron is the best player in the NBA and once he starts knocking down that game-winning jumper and winning championships, there won’t be a debate anymore.