Ray Allen with the Miami Heat is a Great Idea


The 2012 NBA offseason is just as crazy as summer’s past.

Deron Williams is still on top of headlines. Dwight Howard once again is demanding attention as well as trades. Middle men are being dealt and repackaged in free agent deals with new teams while veterans are trying to ink deals with possible title contenders in hopes of retiring with at least one championship ring.

Sounds like the crazy offseason movement I love to cover and talk about.

The Miami Heat, coming off an NBA Championship season, definitely have to make some signings in attempt to repeat or at least stay on top of the Eastern Conference as Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls will be back in the thick of things next season, and the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets are making strong cases to move up to the top of the pier.

The biggest news surrounding free agents and the Miami Heat is Ray Allen. The greatest three-point shooter in the history of the NBA is looking for playing options outside of Boston, where he has been since 2007.

Signing Allen should be automatic for Pat Riley and it should be just as easy for Heat fans to embrace the 15-year vet because Miami is going to need his marksmanship.

Anybody who watched the NBA Finals saw Mike Miller could hardly stand up straight even though he did make seven three-point baskets in the deciding Game 5. One clutch performance doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get replaced. Honestly, he should be a nice guy and retire to give the Heat his $18 K over the next three years.

He should know, as anyone else does know, he isn’t worth the contract or even being in the league anymore. I’m not trying to be rude, I have been a Miller fan since his days at Florida, but when it’s time to hang the sneakers up, it’s time to double knot them in hopes of never being able to untie it.

In other words, walk away from the game on top of the world, instead of coming back and reopening the memory of your bad health and the constant notice of athletes not giving up when they should.

With Miller out of the lineup or inactive with health problems, the Heat will need another shooter and at this point in his career, Allen knows he isn’t the superstar, lead anchor of a team anymore and is only on rosters to do what he does best, shoot.

Allen had some injuries late in the regular season and during the 2012 playoffs, but in the beginning of the season he was putting up outstanding shooting numbers and was leading the Celtics offensively for the struggling Paul Pierce.

In Miami, Allen won’t have to carry anything because of the three headed monster known as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Instead of the 15-year vet having to run around six screens each shot clock, which he’ll probably do anyway, he can chill, find an open spot and let the ball come to him.

Wade, James and Mario Chalmers drove the ball into the paint looking for open shooters to knock down big shots. In the Finals Shane Battier and Mike Miller were the guys to accept the pass. There is no reason why Allen wouldn’t smile with the opportunity.

He will have to take a little less money than he is used to making, but with all the money he’s already made and the Heat only having three contracts off the 2013 books (Ronny Turiaf, Juwan Howard and Terrel Harris), he will have to accept the pay reduction to join an elite team.

Let’s face it, the Boston Celtics are not there anymore.

It sounds like Allen in Miami is a done deal since large media outlets have pointed all basketball followers to the notion and Miami superstars have tweeted Allen will be with the Heat next season.

"“HeatNation continues to grow,” Wade tweeted on Friday.“HeatNation, please welcome our newest teammate Ray Allen #Wow.” James twetted."

It isn’t official yet, at least not on NBA.com’s official transaction board, but it will be. If it isn’t Allen and the Heat are cheating themselves out of a great opportunity to win a championship together.