Dwyane Wade Needs More Doubters


Jun 20, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade (3) shoots against San Antonio Spurs power forward Tim Duncan (back) and shooting guard Danny Green (right) during game seven in the 2013 NBA Finals at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mike Erhmann-Getty/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade needs more doubters, more character assassinations and more arm chair medical diagnoses. Okay, maybe Dwyane Wade doesn’t need all that, but as die hard Miami Heat fan, and a huge Dwyane Wade fan, I sure wish for it all to keep coming.

We’re only a couple of months removed from the Miami Heat’s repeat championship, but for the media, pundits and many “fans” the party is long over. Much of the off season focus has centered around LeBron James. Whether it’s his off the court endeavors, his wedding, or his impending decision whether or not to opt out of his current contract, barely a day goes by without some (rehashed) news about the King. While most of the Heat players have stayed under the radar this off season, Wade has been taking a few hits in both mainstream and social medias.

To all of those striking out at Wade for his knees, his character or saying that LeBron may leave because Dwyane will be a detriment going forward, SAY IT LOUDER. Dwyane Wade needs you. Heat Nation needs you. Dwyane Wade needs to get angry. Dwyane Wade is the Bruce Banner of the NBA. You won’t like him when he’s angry.

It is easy to forget that Dwyane Wade is responsible for the single greatest championship series performance ever. The 2006 finals are a testament to not just his physical abilities, but to his unparalleled strength of will. And while injuries and wear may have taken some toll on Wade, that desire, pride and indomitable spirit still burn fiercely.

While media, athletes and fans were falling all over themselves to back up Derrick Rose and his 4 months of healthy scratches, Dwyane Wade was going to battle night in and night out in pursuit of another championship; often to jeers and negative reviews. It may be true that Wade was a shadow of his normal self, but it cannot be argued that when it mattered most, Dwyane Wade elevated himself to elite level. Without his contributions, the Heat might be in full rebuilding mode.

I don’t ever remember an athlete as elite as Dwyane Wade producing so much doubt so early in his career. I also, do not believe that Dwyane Wade is one to just turn a blind eye to it. Expect a great year from Wade. If you are one of the doubters, prepare to be quieted.

Dwyane Wade will be back. He will show us all why it’s referred to as Miami-Wade County. He’ll lead shooting guards in PER again. And when he’s shut up those who doubted him on the court, he’ll go home and be a better dad than most of us; shutting up those who doubt his character.