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LeBron James narrows decision to Heat-Cavs, According to reports


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Miami Heat

As we progress further along into free agency staying in Miami seems like it provides more cons than pros. Again the roster is in a clear state of flux and Miami has already lost out on some of the more talented free agents in a weak class. The roster currently consists of Josh McRoberts (of whom I believe was a good signing but Miami overpaid for), injury-prone Danny Granger, Norris Cole, and two unproven NBA players in James Ennis and Shabazz Napier. Not to mention if Miami plans to stay loyal to Wade and Bosh, then pay LeBron the max contract he reportedly desires, they will not even have the requisite money to add more serviceable players. HOWEVER, if Bosh decides to take the contract Houston reportedly offered him it would open up a few things for Miami. For one it reportedly may allow them to get Carmelo Anthony forming a new “big three” (devoid of a big man) or it would give Miami a lot more money to play with that they could target some of the more high end guys remaining like a Pau Gasol and a Trevor Ariza, just to throw a couple names out there. This would make returning to Miami more enticing.

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    Cleveland in my opinion is the better option unless something miraculous develops in Miami, but we will all just have to do what we’ve been doing since July 1st… Sit back and watch.