Why the Miami Heat should sign Eric Bledsoe


Amidst LeBron James signing a reported two year, $42.1 million deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat are now trying hard recover from the franchise altering loss.

There have been reports that Miami is negotiating with Luol Deng on a deal that would pay him $20 million over the next two years, but now it seems like Miami will be in a bidding war to acquire him. Teams such as the Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns, and Dallas Mavericks (if Houston decides to match the offer sheet for Chandler Parsonsare reported to be interested in his services.

While pairing Luol Deng with Wade and Bosh sounds all well and good, I believe there is a better free agent Miami should aggressively pursue.

Eric Bledsoe a.k.a “Mini-LeBron” is still on the free agent market and Miami should extend the max offer (4 years/$63.065 million) to assure they get him.

The Phoenix Suns have Goran DragicArchie Goodwin, rookies Bogdan Bogdanović and Tyler Ennis, and recently acquired Isaiah Thomas; not to mention guys like Gerald Green and P.J. Tucker both get minutes at SG. Keeping Bledsoe would create a logjam and Phoenix wouldn’t be able to fully utilize all the talent that they have on their roster.

Regardless, Phoenix seems as though they are willing to do that. However I do not believe they’d be willing to do that at a max price. Miami should sign Eric Bledsoe to the max offer sheet.

If the Miami Heat have any plans to contend in the Eastern Conference next season they are going to need a point guard. Having James eliminates that problem, but he’s long gone now. Look at the point guards in the Eastern Conference: Kyrie IrvingDerrick RoseJohn Wall, Deron Williams, Kyle Lowry, Rajon Rondo, Kemba Walker and even Jeff Teague.

Who is going to stop or limit them?

Don’t worry I’ll wait… Exactly.

Yeah Eric Bledsoe is a pretty good offensive player but he’s even better on defense. Some recognize Bledsoe as an elite-defender.

Miami currently has Norris Cole and rookie Shabazz Napier slotted in as the PGs for the upcoming season, can those guys actually compete with the PGs in the Eastern Conference? Really?

Eric Bledsoe gives Miami someone to build around for the foreseeable future. Wade is out if his prime, Bosh is out of his prime. You can’t build your franchise around those two guys anymore.

Eric Bledsoe is 24 years old and he has a high ceiling that he hasn’t even scratched the surface of yet. I’m talking superstar talent. Bledsoe averaged 19.4 points, 6 assists, 5.1 rebounds and 1.8 steals per 36 minutes last season. Those are all-star caliber numbers in Bledsoe’s first season as a full-time starter.

Imagine what he could be doing two-to-three years down the line?

Hey, Pat Riley, this makes too much sense. Phone up Rich Paul and offer Bledsoe the the four-year, $63 million offer sheet and let’s get him in a Heat uni.

This would be a great thing for Heat fans especially after losing out on LeBron. He would instantly become a fan favorite. Imagine Eric Bledsoe on a fastbreak taking it to the rim and finishing with a jam.