Miami Heat Center Preview: Chris Bosh, Your New Top Dog


Analyzing Last Season’s Performance

Chris Bosh scored his fewest points per game since his rookie year last season, averaging just 16.2 points per contest. However, Bosh showed exemplary efficiency marked by career-highs in true shooting and effective field goal percentage.

Bosh also attempted nearly three times as many three pointers last season (2.8 per game) than he had during any other year. It’s no secret that Bosh has expended his game since joining the Miami Heat, and he has become one of the best floor spacers in the game. Below, you can see how Bosh’s shot selection has changed in his four years in Miami (shot charts via

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On defense, Bosh has emerged as one of the most versatile defenders in the NBA. Last season, he defended the pick-and-roll at an elite level. His lateral quickness allows him to pick up the ball handler while recovering in time to defend the big man. He’s a true center in this regard. Because of his spacing and defensive skills, it makes sense that Miami would want to keep Bosh in the middle.

How LeBron’s Departure Impacts His Role

Of everyone on the Heat, LeBron James going back to Cleveland effects Bosh the most. He theoretically goes from the No. 3 option to the top dog. Now, many wonder if Bosh can return to his Toronto form. However, it isn’t this simple. Asking Bosh to simply go back to how he played in Toronto would completly disregard the evoltion in his game.

Other than his greater range and efficiency, he has grown into a great defensive presence. To throw everything he has back into his offensive game would effect his efforts on the defensive end.

Bosh will remain a balanced presence in Miami, but the offense will still run through him as he will facilitate from the low and high posts.

Projection for this Season

Last season, a big beef of mine with Bosh was that he would get the ball near the three-point arc and, well, just stand there. He would either shoot or pass the ball along, completely ignoring his own ability to put the ball on the floor and make things happen off the dribble. That will have to change this season, and you will see him in the post more, too.

All of this will lead to increased numbers across the board–scoring because of his new role in the offense, rebounding because he will be closer to the rim, and assists because the offense will run through him much like it did through LeBron.

As Bleacher Report’s Jared Zwerling reports, Bosh should see about five more shot attempts per game this season according to his trainer Miles Simon.

"The bottom line: less jump-shooting and more attack moves. Simon predicts that as the main weapon, the 11-year veteran will get about five more shot attempts (up from 12.1 last season) and about five more free-throw attempts (up from 3.4, the lowest in his career) than he did last season."

That projects to about 23 points per game, adjusting from his 2013-14 stats. He’ll also be closer to the basket on many possessions, giving him a greater opportunity to rebound, and will be involved in facilitating the offense from the low block.

“Why I’m Excited” – David Ramil

Bosh saved this franchise, plain and simple. He’s a great person, just so funny and interesting, that it’s easy to root for him. People make fun him because he’s weird or an evolutionary misstep, but he’s ours and, let’s face it, he’s been awesome for the past four years. He was easy to overlook between LeBron’s greatness and Wade’s history as a HeatLifer, but Bosh has been infinitely fun to watch. Seeing him put up big numbers – maybe even MVP-type stats – is going to be one of the best things about this season. After re-signing with Miami and keeping this team from collapsing, he’d have to take a dump on Pat Riley’s desk or send Burnie to the hospital before I think less of him (and even then, I’d say Burnie probably deserved it).

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