RTD – Miami Heat ‘Black Tie’ Jerseys: Yeah or Nah?


Welcome to another AllUCanHeat.com round table discussion. Today’s topic is the Miami Heat’s new “Black Tie” jerseys the team unveiled in their loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder Tuesday.

They call it the “first ever team designed uniform concept.” The Heat officially announced its newest alternate jersey, the ‘Black Tie’ jersey. You can check out the introduction video here.

The jerseys are similar to the all black concept they wore for much of the Big Three era. The black on black with the heavy drop shadow harkens back to that look, with a little influence from Miami’s throw backs.

So, after seeing them in action for the first time, what do the esteemed AUCH writers think of the new threads?

Ehsan Kassim: They look amazing. One of the better unis the Heat have worn. Would be awesome if they keep these ones in the rotation

Kristopher Keaton: They’re….. different. I think it’s something that could catch on later. or if they wear them more than once. but for now.. they’re…. different.

David Ramil: Nope. That striping on the side is distracting, weird. Almost like it’s designed to create a slimming effect on players that are all in unbelievable shape. That might be necessary for the pudgy guys at the local recreational league but for the NBA? Bring back the Miami Floridians! (Ed. note: Seconded)

Allana Tachauer: My motto is always “all black everything” so I can’t really hate on them. But then again, little about them actually screamed tuxedo. Where was the bow tie? Coat tail? Pros and cons.

Chris Posada: I think I like the idea of them. The players got to come up with the designs and with Chris Bosh’s “Mr. Nice Tie” endeavor, and Dwyane Wade’s um…taste…in fashion, this was a solid attempt. I do like the centered number, as they’re a reminder of the old Heat jerseys of the Miami Arena days. But with the white patterns along the sides, they force the numbers to shrink in size. Anyone like Hassan Whiteside or Danny Granger that have two digit numbers kind of get squeeze because of the design. Personally, I would like to have seen some red incorporated into the them, but I have a terrible fashion sense and they’re shooting for the tux look.

Wes Goldberg: I hated the black on black ones and felt as though I was in the minority then and, judging by the Twitter reaction to the debut, feel like in the minority again. I hate these and hope they burn in Hell. I hate them because they injured Hassan Whiteside. I hate them because if the side panels are supposed to have a slimming effect they’re not. That’s when viewed from the front, like in a mirror. However from the side, like how we see the players during most of the game, I thought the side panels made them look fat and awkward. (I did like the small splash of yellow on the tags on the back, though). I don’t know why the Heat keep trying to make the black and white thing work. We have such a deep, passionate red. Stick to that folks! Give me more Christmas Day red-on-red action or just stick to the normal black-white-red rotation and throw in an occasional throw back night.

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