Rallying Cry: Send Miami Heat’s Wayne Ellington to All-Star Weekend

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - NOVEMBER 24: Wayne Ellington
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - NOVEMBER 24: Wayne Ellington /

If he keeps up the good work, Miami Heat’s Wayne Ellington deserves to be at All-Star Weekend.

The Miami Heat may have finally hit their stride.

After gaining momentum in a 16-game-win-streak ending victory over the Boston Celtics, the Heat have strung together a modest streak of their own. Toppling the Celtics, Minnesota Timberwolves and Chicago Bulls, memories of the 30-11 team that played last year are starting to come back into focus.

Miami’s improved play is accompanied by a variety of Heat happenings beyond the box score. The Heat are celebrating their 30-year anniversary, Goran Dragic was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week, lineup changes have breathed life back into Kelly Olynyk and Wayne Ellington, all while the bench has made sure to show support night after night.

Watching hardworking players like Dragic, Olynyk and Ellington find ways to make major contributions, is exactly the type of motivation the Heat need all season to earn a spot come playoff time. Lacking a true superstar, the Miami Heat culture, especially in 2017, thrives on players’ all-in efforts, from the starting five to the G-League call-ups.

For that reason, it’s not too soon for the Heat to make a push to send Wayne Ellington to 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend, to take part in the 3-point contest .

Ellington ranks among the most effective Heat 3-point shooters this year. He knocks home just shy of 45 percent of his attempts, and has been a force off the bench, moving without the ball and finding open spots down the stretch.

While he ranks among the NBA’s best in terms of percentage, seeing Ellington take the court in Los Angeles would be an exceptional rallying call to the ever-growing Heat. 2017 marked the first year that Miami didn’t have a representative among any of the midseason exhibition’s events.

As Miami continues to build its identity in the Post-Wade/Post-Big 3 era, seeing Ellington compete among the league’s best shooters in the 3-point contest would serve to keep the team engaged in their culture of supporting players who are performing well.

Though the All-Star break is over two months away in February 2018, the Heat could steadily push out advertising materials, not unlike the classic Chris Bosh appeal by the Toronto Raptors in 2008.

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Bringing the team together to buttress a similar campaign for Ellington, could help to shift the NBA spotlight back onto South Beach, as Miami continues to define its potential to be a playoff squad.