Will Miami Heat fans only be satisfied with a roster of stars?

Were Miami Heat fans spoiled by the title years?

In a few days, NBA training camps are going to take over the world of professional basketball news.

But for the last two weeks, coverage has centered around potential Jimmy Butler trades and the last season of a Miami Heat pairing with Dwyane Wade.

It is very easy to figure out why too.

The league is run by players and teams who possess any combination of star power, face recognition and personality. Some would argue that, but teams like the early 2000’s Detroit Pistons are few and far between.

Particularly in an era where the masses appreciate flash more than grit.

For instance, the segment of Heat faithfuls who fully embrace the team’s culture and grind it out attitude, yet clamor for a trade whenever any disgruntled player is mentioned–star or not.

Which in turn, makes them no different than the same team president that they criticize for being willing to sacrifice the future, in the quest to trap a big money player.

The necessity of a star is just as much about reliving the feelings Shaquille O’Neal and the Big Three brought to the building, as it is about having a successful season.

Because if it was simply about competing in the down years, last year’s trip to the playoffs would have brought gratification, instead of reminiscing on what traded draft picks could have done for a rebuild.

A rebuild that would have been expected to feature a group of players who were young and exciting. Somewhat like the Darius Miles, Lamar Odom and Quentin Richardson version of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Fun to watch, competitive and out of the playoffs.

Heavy emphasis on fun to watch.

Not to say that this is an indictment on the Heat’s current roster though.

They are extremely hardworking.

However, this wayward ensemble is a little dull. Which is the reason roster questions still linger–for a 44-win team–and no one gets acknowledged for predicted awards.

There is a thin line between winning and satisfying a fanbase, but if moves are not made, expect to hear chirps about president Pat Riley losing his touch

Unfortunately, no matter how good the team turns out to be.