Miami Heat: Facing the Luka Doncic-led Mavericks in a must-win game

After Tuesday night’s disappointing loss to the Orlando Magic, the Miami Heat look to take advantage of home court and handle the Dallas Mavericks.

After Tuesday night’s disappointing loss to the Orlando Magic (37-38) on the occasion of Chris Bosh’s retirement, the Miami Heat (36-38) look to take advantage of home court and handle the Dallas Mavericks (29-45).

Speaking of taking advantage of home court, the Heat have not done that throughout the course of the season having a 17-21 record at American Airlines Arena.

At this point of the season, every game is important if the Heat want to get into the playoffs since teams like the aforementioned Orlando and even the Charlotte Hornets can sneak into the fold. This game is absolutely no different.

While the Heat had their way with the Mavericks the last time they faced off, Dallas has been a sneaky team that could play early spoiler for the Heat. While the praise seems tiring at this point, the Heat need to focus on handling Mavs’ star rookie Luka Doncic.

In Luka Doncic’s first game against the Heat he teetered on the edge of a triple double (18 points, 12 rebounds, nine assists). While Doncic’s offense is one of his keys to his game, his playmaking ability makes him a dangerous player which gets everybody involved.

I can easily see head coach Erik Spoelstra double teaming Doncic forcing him to take himself out of the play.

While it’s still amazing to see Heat legend Dwyane Wade take over the game in the final moments, it could also be a little concerning. There’s been a lot of times that Wade, who is 37 years old, is depended on to keep the team in the game.

Do I have a problem with it? For the most part, no. Seeing Wade show off his playmaking ability at his age in his final season is truly amazing.

Other keys to the game, and really for the rest of the season, is for the young core to keep contributing as they have been. Bam Adebayo has been very impressive on both sides of the ball. He seems more confident in his scoring ability and one aspect I didn’t see coming is his passing.

Not saying Adebayo is as good, but it really reminds me of what Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets has been doing where they him the ball to set up a play.

As much help is needed for the Heat, especially the return of Justise Winslow, who has been out for the past six games.

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The game is set for tip-off at 7:30 p.m. eastern on March 28th in Miami, Florida.

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