Miami Heat: Three things we might hope to learn from D-Wade’s memoirs

Dwyane Wade Miami Heat (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
Dwyane Wade Miami Heat (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade is reportedly set to release his memoirs in October. What are some of the unknowns might this “tell-all” encompass?

Fresh off his 16th and final NBA season, Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade is seemingly knee-deep in a wine bottle at all times. This is of course if he isn’t traveling the world with his accomplished wife, actress  Gabrielle Union. In between the spritzers and globe sprinting however, Wade has apparently found the time to conquer another terrain, again.

As reported by the Associated Press, Wade is set to release his memoirs in a book titled “3 Dimensional”, which will be the second book penned by the NBA legend. The Book will be published by William Morrow and it is set to hit the shelves on October 22nd. Here is an excerpt from the AP’s piece on the book:

"It will focus on the “essential principles” of Wade’s life and career. Wade tells of his rise from Chicago’s South Side to NBA stardom. He was a 13-time All-Star who with the Miami Heat played on three NBA championship teams, two of them also featuring LeBron James."

With that slightly detailed description, it does start to make one wonder. What other juicy stories or details might be shared in his memoirs? No need to worry, here are three things in particular that we are all probably hoping to hear more about.

1. What was Wade’s literal instant reaction to hearing LeBron would be leaving the Miami Heat in 2014?

Although Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are as thick as thieves and seemingly as close to brothers as two humans who aren’t biologically related could be, there had to have been some shock. Dwyane Wade of course said that he had no problem with the decision that James made and that he only wanted LeBron to do what made him happy, but there had to be some resentment there right?

Perhaps there wasn’t any, but this is a story that the public would surely like to know, word for word. We don’t want to hear the same coach speak answers that we have been given in the past either, with those being responses like he was “doing what’s best for him and his family”, “the right decision for him”, and so forth and so on.

Even if there wasn’t any resentment, which there more than likely was not, to know exactly how Wade reacted to finding out the news would be literary gold. To tell us how he felt upon hanging up that call with James would be astonishing, because Wade probably knew before any of the rest of us did, including Pat Riley.

2. What Was Wade’s literal initial feelings and reaction about possibly returning to the Miami Heat in 2017?

We all know the beginning of this story. Father Prime felt as though he had given so much to the Miami Heat, which he had on numerous sacrificial occasions, so he felt as though he should have been compensated well with a deal from the Heat prior to him signing with the Chicago Bulls. That didn’t happen, so off to Chicago he went.

Well as we also know, after leaving Chicago he wound up going to Cleveland to once again team up with his brother from another mother in LeBron James. He soon found himself relegated to a bench role, and deep on the bench, until he was sent back to Miami.

The revelation that would be interesting here would be how he felt about coming back to the place he calls home. Although we know that had it not been for a wordless embrace at Wade’s former agent’s funeral that Wade may have not come back in 2017, how did he feel once it was really happening? That is something that would make for a good couple of pages at least, while also being something that Miami Heat fans would probably like more intel about.

3. Would D-Wade ever consider a comeback if the Miami Heat were in the thick of things and Pat Riley asked?

While fans and other players proceeded to ask Dwyane Wade why he was calling quits, as he played really well this past season for the Heat, Wade quickly let us all know that he was going out on his own terms. That didn’t stop most of us from asking him to come back for another season though.

After being away from the game of sorts for a few months, could that competitive itch return? Would he be able to handle it if his Miami Heat were in the thick of things and could not only use a veteran presence with leadership ability but also a guy capable of getting his team buckets?

That does sound like a role Dwyane Wade could fill. If this were the case, with the Miami Heat having a strong bounce-back season next year, would Flash consider a comeback if Pat Riley himself rang his phone? That is something else that would make for great reading material.

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These were just a few of the possibilities, as they are actually pretty endless. He could go into a deep dive about how the “Banana Boat” crew became so tight or even something more on-court related like the experience of playing and sharing a locker room with a near prime Shaq. Whatever he chooses to disclose, it should be a pretty good piece of literature that we all can’t wait to read.