Three of the most Miami Heat like prospects in the NBA Draft

Pat Riley (Matias J. Ocner/Miami Herald/TNS via Getty Images)
Pat Riley (Matias J. Ocner/Miami Herald/TNS via Getty Images) /
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Sekou Doumbouya (Photo by Florian Pohl/City-Press via Getty Images) /

Sekou Doumbouya-France-Forward

Sekou Doumbouya is a very intriguing prospect. He is a 6 foot 9 inch forward, who seems to fit the bill as a player capable of playing the three or four position. While the Miami Heat haven’t regularly been players when it came to international talent, established or incoming and with Goran Dragic probably being among the most successful internationals in Heat history, this guy has the potential to buck that trend.

While there isn’t a ton of statistical information available on Doumbouya, there are quite a few valuable tidbits out there about him. For example, take this profile from’s international basketball scout Stefanos Makris:

"Prototypical new age, two-way combo forward with great defensive upside … Solid size and wingspan (measured at 6-11 feet) for his position … Really fluid athlete… Has NBA level athleticism … Runs the floor and fills the lanes beautifully … Bouncy athlete, who can either jump off two feet or from either foot… Has long strides and can cover a lot of ground … His frame suggests that his body can fill up nicely … Good teammate… Amazing in transition thanks to his athleticism … He is a threat when he takes the ball on the move, since he can blow by his opponent… He has good shooting mechanics… When his feet are set he can shoot the ball at a good level… Attacks closeouts and goes all the way to the basket, mainly on straight lines… Good slasher … Moves well without the ball… Doesn’t shy away from contact, he even looks for it and likes to finish strong at the rim … Can finish above the rim… Can post up smaller opponents and blow by bigger ones… Great rebounder on the offensive end… His size, length and athleticism help him be a good defensive rebounder … He can start the break and make the occasional coast to coast … Always willing to look for the extra pass … Improving ball handler … Versatile defender, who can guard from perimeter players to frontline players… Has all the necessary tools to become a beast defensively… Great lateral quickness when he has low stance on defense … Not afraid to bang bodies while defending in the post… Really active while guarding the ball … Excellent weakside shot blocker…"

What Doumbouya lacks in proven statistics, he seemingly more than makes up for with potential. The Miami Heat would love his frame, versatility, and his willingness plus abilities to play defense, as they are the things that immediately stick out from this profile.

He may be around at 13, and if the Miami Heat don’t look to trade back for more picks, he may end up being their guy. With their ability to get players in the best shape of their lives, along with the physical gifts mentioned here about Doumbouya, that puts him right in the thick of what the Miami Heat would usually look for in players.