Miami Heat: Why does Dwyane Wade have so many jobs?

Miami Heat legend and the recently retired Dwyane Wade is indeed retired, but apparently just from basketball. He has about … all of the other jobs possible.

The Miami Heat are off to a tremendous start to the season. They are probably doing so well based on the fact that they have seemingly put in the work in order to become the team capable of making it to this point, with this record. This has been apparent in many ways, such as how Jimmy Butler had some of the team up at the crack of dawn, or before, in the offseason or before training camp to work out.

Their efforts, their record, and their hard work has not been lost on us, as we recognize the work that they have put in to get to this point. This goes for both regular fans like us and high profiled fans like Dwyane Wade. Yes, the greatest player in a franchise’s history can be a fan, and he is!

Speaking of work and Dwyane Wade though, does he do anything but? This is a valid question because he seems to have all the jobs. Yes, he seems to have every single solitary unitary individual one of them.

To date and to current knowledge, Flash has partnerships with several big-name companies including Gatorade. He is a “creative director” over at Bleacher Report, he is an accredited author, he is a serial entrepreneur, the owner of a media and content production company, he is the head of his own sneaker and athletic brand in Way of Wade. Lastly, how could we forget, he is also a television personality and commentator.

Recently it was reported that he would also now be taking on a role with his former agent’s agency in CAA, Creative Artists Agency. Here is the tweet from Yahoo Sports‘ Chris Haynes.

So, to reiterate, Dwyane Wade has all of the jobs, we mean ALL OF THEM! Good for him as it is good to know that he continues to stay active, on the move, and apart of the NBA and sports worlds.

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LeBron James and Klutch management have to be keeping a close eye on things, right? Either way, go get em Flash!

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