The Miami Heat want another star and a disgruntled Bradley Beal may be a trade target

Bradley Beal just signed a two-year extension before the season with the Washington Wizards, but he’s upset. Should the Miami Heat try to trade for him?

Author’s note: Due to CBA restrictions Bradley Beal is NOT actually eligible for trade this season.

It’s not an uncommon trend in the NBA these days. Star signs extension to stay with his rebuilding team, that team loses roughly at the rate that was expected, star reacts in shock at the losing they willingly signed on for, and on we go. Kevin Love is experiencing this with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and to nobody’s surprise, Bradley Beal (a summer trade interest for the Miami Heat) is experiencing this with the Washington Wizards.

Beal shouldn’t be surprised by the Wizards’ ineptitude. They’re probably outperforming most expectations thanks to their explosive offense. It doesn’t make the experience any more fun for him, but in the NBA sometimes more money really is more problems.

So far there’s no indication he wants out, and as long as he doesn’t want to go anywhere the fiercely loyal Washington Wizards will keep him in the fold. However, if he does hint that he’d like to go elsewhere, the Miami Heat may want to keep a close eye on how things develop.

The Heat have been a surprising team with a 28-12 record, and they’ve been winning thanks to some surprising contributors like Kendrick Nunn and Duncan Robinson. To push themselves to the next level and truly compete with teams like the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference, though, they’re at least one piece away.

That piece could come in the form of Bradley Beal who would immediately become the top scoring option on the Heat roster alongside Jimmy Butler whose all-around brilliance is a big reason this team has thrived so far. Beal’s presence would form a Big Three in Miami once again, with him and Butler and Bam Adebayo suddenly comprising a star core that could threaten the top echelon of the NBA.

Of course, there would be a price to pay for the Heat, and there are complications. They’re up against the luxury apron which functions as a hard cap thanks to the Butler sign-and-trade this summer. They have the minimum players allowed on roster, which means they can’t send out more players than they receive.

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It won’t be easy if there’s a trade to be made, but team president Pat Riley has shown himself to be a wizard when it comes to getting what he wants. We’ll see if Bradley Beal is what Riley wants in the coming weeks.

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