Dwyane Wade’s vulnerability highlight of D Wade: Life Unexpected

Former Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade poses for a photo with his wife, Gabrielle Union and famiuly after the Miami Heat Dwyane Wade L3GACY Celebration at American Airlines Arena (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Former Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade poses for a photo with his wife, Gabrielle Union and famiuly after the Miami Heat Dwyane Wade L3GACY Celebration at American Airlines Arena (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade was all passion on the court, for the most part. That same raw emotion is what highlighted “D. Wade: Life Unexpected”.

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade, the greatest Heat player of all time, has always been one of the more passionate individuals. Whether it be with his children, with his wife and star actress Gabrielle Union, or on the basketball court, D. Wade has always never made any bones about putting his feelings on the subjects on full display.

It was this same emotion that caused him to run and jump on the scorer’s table on the original instance, to go on and eventually scream that it was his house. It was this same raw emotion that caused him to once again jump on the scorer’s table in one of his final Miami Heat home games, the one where he hit the miraculous final second off the glass three-point shot to win the game against Golden State, once again proclaiming American Airlines Arena as his house.

With these thoughts though, it takes us to his full-length documentary-style feature that aired recently on ESPN, called “D. Wade: Life Unexpected”. After watching the documentary and pondering upon what was put on display to see, the conclusion that has been derived is that the highlight of the project, what most brought it together, and what most connected with the viewers was the vulnerability that Dwyane Wade displayed. Here are three specific instances that highlight this notion.

The Opening and Closing Cell-Phone “Selfie” Video

One of the more simple yet powerful elements, it has since been described by the man himself in Dwyane Wade as one of his favorite parts of the entire project. Amazingly enough, it was one of his favorite parts because he says it highlights the same thing we are highlighting here, his vulnerability.

Shot by him from his sleeping quarters, the immediate next morning after his last ever NBA game, it gives the most candid glimpse of him in his most intimate moments with the most powerful and influential person in his life along with the most powerful entity in his life. This person would be him and this entity would be one’s thoughts or mind. That is the first example of extreme vulnerability that went on to make that element the highlight of the feature.

On infidelity and child outside of relationship with Gabrielle Union

Another moment of extreme vulnerability is when Wade went into describing the instance in which he helped to birth a child outside the parameters of his relationship with Gabriell Union. The mere fact that he even touched on this speaks to his acceptance, openness, and ability to be vulnerable.

Imaginably one of the toughest times of his life and his relationship, this had to have worn on them both during the time. The fact that he was not only willing to potentially re-open that wound while acknowledging that it’s something he’s still working on being sensitive enough about to those involved, was something that said everything people should need to know. This was the second instance in which his vulnerability was put on full display here.

On Pat Riley not taking care of him

It had to hurt Dwyane Wade when it happened because it hurt me watching it being relived in the documentary, but it also hurt the entire fan base when the whole D-Wade to Chicago fiasco initially happened. One thing we hadn’t ever heard though, was Flash be this open and honest about it.

He said that “Pat F—-d up with me”, which was right to the point and while Dwyane Wade didn’t know if Pat Riley would acknowledge it or not, it was comforting to hear that he would. It occurred as Riley said that “he(Wade)  probably thought, “Pat’s going to take care of me” and I didn’t. That still bothers me to this day”.

These were depths and elements to this story we had never heard from the men themselves and for Dwyane Wade to be as open about it and especially after being reunited, honored, and properly celebrated in the Miami Heat franchise, was a testament to his willingness, desire, and ability to be vulnerable.

The feature in itself was amazing. Like every good project of any sort, the end left you wanting more.

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Luckily for us, he’s a lifer and we are sure he’ll be back to Miami at some point in some official capacity. We sure hope so anyway.