Miami Heat Twitter is one big party and we are all invited!

Dwyane Wade, Lisa Joseph Metelus, Udonis Haslem and DJ Irie are seen during LYFE Brand x Dwyane Wade Jersey Retirement Celebration at HYDE (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for LYFE Brand)
Dwyane Wade, Lisa Joseph Metelus, Udonis Haslem and DJ Irie are seen during LYFE Brand x Dwyane Wade Jersey Retirement Celebration at HYDE (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for LYFE Brand) /

With the NBA on hiatus, Miami Heat Twitter has been a place for Heat fans to congregate. Let’s just say that it’ working and it hasn’t disappointed.

With the Miami Heat and entire NBA on a hiatus due to the suspension for coronavirus, NBA fans and players are having to find other ways to fill their time. While most people’s days usually consisted of watching the NBA as fans, working the NBA as media members, and playing for NBA players, not a ton of that is going on at the moment.

People have since resolved to all of the usual suspects of Twitter antics. Some of these things include your daunted top five lists, all-time starting 5 lists, and the other go-to’s associated with drumming up a conversation about a particular topic.

While some have gone the traditional route of using those layups to spark conversation and entertain themselves, some have gone completely different routes. Here are three such examples from Heat Twitter.

Dwyane Wade takes questions and wants all the smoke

Dwyane Wade is a pretty active member of the social media community. So much so, that he has opened up his personal Twitter account as an interview session on previous occasions before. On Tuesday evening, he was back at it.

While the questions came in fast, Flash was just as quick in responding. He was selective in the tweets he chose to respond to though, as he should have been. Here was one that really caught our eye.

This one confuses us a bit and for a few reasons. While we love Ja Morant, Zion Williamson, and Coby White as players, the Miami Heat is the home to two guys as well.

One of those guys, Tyler Herro, should have gone third in the draft directly behind Williamson and Morant. The other of those guys, Kendrick Nunn, has been neck and neck with Ja Morant all season for the Rookie Of The Year award before Zion jumped back into the picture of course.

It really struck a nerve with us that he didn’t mention either of the Miami Heat’s rookies, although they’ve all played pretty well when given the opportunity. We can understand why KZ Okpala or Chris Silva didn’t get a mention here, none of us have seen a ton of them, but the others are unexplainable and unacceptable.

WoW wasn’t done though, as he addressed a ton of things from spades to his favorite moment from his one last dance tour. He did have to clap back on an occasion as well.

This was in response to a since-deleted tweeted from user @bothebeast1 that said “how do you feel about going to hell”, presumably a comment directed toward the notion of support that Wade shows for his child Zaya. D-Wade’s clap back wasn’t deleted though, here it is, and you can see a retort to Wade’s response from the user in the comments of his responding tweet.

Shooters shoot, so Tyler Herro shoots his shot

If you don’t know anything, know this. You miss 100 percent of the shots that you don’t shoot.

This means that you have to shoot your shot as the old adage goes. Tyler Herro did jus that.

Tyler’s shot didn’t miss though. He’s a bucket, for crying out loud! Here’s what happened on the other side.

While some had their opinions on why it was happening and rightfully so(a little clout chase with your shooter, see what we did there?), it did happen. Hopefully, Tyler is somewhere safe and getting his mind right for when Miami Heat basketball does return. This exchange was a pretty fun one though.

The Depth of Jae Crowder

While some took the opportunity to shoot their shots and others answered questions, Jae Crowder may have been doing a bit of soul searching. Perhaps he was just sharing something he had learned during a deep period of introspection.

Perhaps he was just passing along something he’s heard that sounds like it makes sense. Either way, while all the other typical social media antics were taking place, Ja3 gave us something we could really sink our teeth into. Here is the deep and thoughtful post from the Miami Heat swingman.

Well said Jae! We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves!

While staying home may be the best thing for us all, that doesn’t mean that we can’t interact. While social media can be a toxic place, it can also be a fun and entertaining place that helps us cope with the day to day of our lives.

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It has also been a safe haven for a world without sports at the moment and we couldn’t be more pleased with the temporary satisfaction it has provided. So, until Miami Heat basketball resumes, do yourself a favor and check out Heat Twitter!