Miami Heat: How Udonis Haslem and Heat culture pushed the real culture

Udonis Haslem #40 of the Miami Heat looks on prior to the game against the New York Knicks (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Udonis Haslem #40 of the Miami Heat looks on prior to the game against the New York Knicks (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat have come to be known for the Heat Culture, but it’s bigger than just basketball. Here’s how UD & that culture helped push forward real culture.

The Miami Heat have come to be known for what some consider their catchphrase or moniker in Heat Culture. While it is a pretty easy concept to grasp, some people still aren’t sure what this culture is.

While there could be many definitive answers, something that always remains constant is the fact that when it comes to that culture, it remains undefeated. What this means that is in any scenario, when you move through it, around it, or within it using the principles of Miami Heat culture, you’ll be fine coming out of the other side.

That still doesn’t speak to exactly what it is though. That is a complicated question, but here are a few of the finer tidbits that help make it what it is.

It is that which allows you to outwork someone, put in more time, energy, and effort, constantly striving to be your best self, and knowing that through the betterment of the whole, the unit, or the entire team, the individual in question has no choice but to get better and advance. Heat Culture is also defined in your action though, such as that of Udonis Haslem.

We all should be aware of his rant-like article published by The Players Tribune. Whereas usually, “rants” are nagging and pesky, UD‘s not only seemed right on time but struck chords in the souls of people who look like him, come from places like that from which he came from, or anyone who knows anything about his story and where he comes from. Here is a post from the Miami Heat’s official Twitter account with a quote from the piece.

Noting that he never saw “South Beach until his rookie year”, Udonis Haslem grew up in Miami. Not the glitzy, glamorous, South Beach that we see portrayed in movies and on television. He grew up in poor, dangerous, real Miami, even down to his hate of raisins and their red boxes, noting how that’s all they had to eat sometimes.

This memory has obviously fueled UD. It has fueled him to propel himself not only to where he has made it as a professional athlete, a businessman, and a man in general, but also to tell it straight to those who aren’t taking things in this current world as serious as they should be.

After telling those infamous Miami spring breakers exactly how he felt, he then began to lobby for a greater cause. He spoke to how due to the schools, other care facilities, and after school programs being closed and/or canceled due to coronavirus, a ton of children won’t have food to eat. That is where the raisin story starts to definitely hit home.

After this story was published by The Players Tribune, things started to happen though. Not only did Miami leadership, the city commissioner to be exact, react by allocating a million dollars to feed the hungry children of Miami but UD’s other family stepped up too. The Miami Heat announced that they too will be partnering with two organizations to help feed those that need it most in this time of need.

What a guy UD is and we are glad he’s ours. The City of Miami should be proud of one of their own too, one of their favorite sons.

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This, however, is another glowing example of what Heat Culture is. It is also how that culture is helping to push real culture forward.