Miami Heat: Udonis Haslem probably elated by Miami Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa pick

Udonis Haslem #40 of the Miami Heat looks on prior to the game (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Udonis Haslem #40 of the Miami Heat looks on prior to the game (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat are known for greatness, while the Dolphins have been bad. Udonis Haslem hopes their most recent draft pick is the guy to change it all.

The Miami Heat are tucked in at the bottom of the map. Acting as and riding right along the coast of the nation, the area has come to be known for some of the most beautiful things.

The Miami Heat have fit right into this mold, taking the glitz and glamour of the NBA, re-packaging it into this hard hat of an organization, and delivering it back out into the streets of South Florida for all to embrace. They’ve been successful in doing that too, even in their short existence.

No matter where you go in South Florida, there typically won’t be a bad thing to say about the Miami Heat. Their NFL counterparts, however, are a different story.

Having not had a successful winning season in quite some time now and although last season was a dramatic improvement and a win relative to the expectations and environment, they have been an NFL doormat of a franchise for a long time now. That’s not just by NFL or sports standards, but by normal standards, they have been bad for a long time.

That hasn’t stopped their fans from being loyal though. In fact, one Miami Heat employed Miami Dolphins superfan was hoping that this was the year that they got it right. Check this out.

Well, Udonis Haslem shouldn’t have been disappointed. The Miami Dolphins got right to it, taking Alabama Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth overall pick in Thursday’s NFL draft. UD wasn’t the only Miami Heat great to chime in though.

The greatest Miami Heat player of all time got his words in on the topic. Dwyane Wade came through to remind South Floridians and dual Miami Heat/Dolphin fans all over about the last time that the city of Miami got a good one with the fifth overall pick in a pro sports draft.

Life is good in Miami Dolphins world, especially if you are a Miami Heat player known as the captain that wears number 40. It isn’t that bad either when the greatest athlete that the city you’re headed to has seen, comes out to congratulate you on the next step in your professional journey.

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Heck, Miami Dolphins football might just be getting ready to catch up with Miami Heat basketball. That would be a welcomed sight to South Florida sports fans, we bet. In any scenario though, now that the next steps for the gridiron have been taking, let’s get hopeful about taking the next steps to get our guys back on the hardwood.