Miami Heat: Top 2 pick Michael Beasley & Showtime’s Basketball County

Michael Beasley #8 of the Miami Heat lasys the ball up as Kelly Olynyk #41 (Photo by Christopher Trotman/Getty Images)
Michael Beasley #8 of the Miami Heat lasys the ball up as Kelly Olynyk #41 (Photo by Christopher Trotman/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat have gotten some things wrong, as they all don’t work out. PG County’s Michael Beasley has still carved out a very solid NBA career though.

The year was 2008 and the Miami Heat were slated to have the number two overall pick in the NBA draft. Three of the first four picks would be explosive guards, all more of the combo variety than either a true point guard or shooting guard for each.

Although Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook would ultimately go on to become two of the most electric point guards that the NBA has ever seen and while O.J. Mayo would be a microwave of a scorer along the wings during his time in the league, the Miami Heat didn’t need a guy at the time like any other three seemed like they would become.

While they had a guy to fill those predetermined profiles role already, the greatest Miami Heat player ever in Dwyane Wade, they would also provide themselves the opportunity to go after a scrappy championship-winning point guard from Kansas later in the draft after he had fallen, Mario Chalmers. The Miami Heat probably had all of this planned and at the front of their minds as they went through that whole process.

That is what led them to take Michael Beasley of Kansas State with the number two overall pick. 12 years later, it’s safe to say that the Miami Heat got that one wrong, but that’s alright though. Beasley has enjoyed a long NBA career that still isn’t over, while the Miami Heat would go on to find massive success in the Big 3 era.

Speaking of Michael Beasley though, he has surfaced during the midst of the coronavirus situation as apart of a Showtime Network documentary that dropped on Friday night, entitled Basketball CountyIn The Water. The documentary, a Kevin Durant production, explores the hoops roots of the basketball hotbed that is Prince George’s County, Maryland.

It makes sense to see Kevin Durant produce such a piece of content, considering that’s his hometown. It also makes sense to see the former Miami Heat top-two pick, Michael Beasley, be apart of it as well.

That is his hometown as well, along with the fact that he and Kevin Durant are really good friends. Based on all we have ever heard and some of the details associated with this production, they practically grew up with one another.

Beasley didn’t work out for the Miami Heat, but again, he has still enjoyed a long, successful, and lucrative NBA career, although it didn’t turn into the flat-out NBA superstardom as he might have hoped and some might have thought he’d achieve.

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Either way though, he seems to be excited to tell his story here and it should be a good one to digest. It’s always good to see a Miami Heat draft pick thriving, even if it’s outside of Miami.