AUCH Roundtable: Drafting best All-Miami Heat team from 2000 & beyond

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Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade #3 of the Miami Heat exchanges jerseys with Jimmy Butler (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

The Miami Heat have hosted some amazing talent over the years, especially over the last 20. We decided to see who could draft the best team from that pool.

If you were to ever take a peep at the Miami Heat’s all-time roster, that’s all the players that have ever dawned a Miami Heat uniform, you would notice quite the list of characters among the ranks. From the smallest but biggest of heart, such as Dwyane Wade or Tim Hardaway, to the biggest and bigger on the floor, in LeBron James or Shaquille O’Neal, the Miami Heat have played host to them all.

With that knowledge and our current world situation, it got us over here at AUCH to thinking. We decided that it was only right for a few of us here at All U Can Heat to come together and do an All-Miami Heat draft, but with only players from the last 20 years being available in the pool.

There was another twist thrown in as well. Each player could only be taken once, of course, but on top of simply taking a player, you must choose from which season you would want your version of that player to be. In example, you would likely take that player’s best season in Miami when choosing any player in particular.

The participants were Tristan Tucker, Max Marshall, Rahmeaun Rahming, and myself. We would conduct the draft in a snake draft type order, with Rahmeaun earning the first pick.

The rest of the order went Max, Tristan, and then myself. In the even-numbered rounds, as with any snake draft, the order would reverse from first to fourth with myself going first, Tristan, Max, and then Rahmeaun. In case you haven’t caught on or haven’t done a fantasy draft ever, the order would then go back to the original order for odd numbers.

This, my friends, is where the magic began to happen. Let’s get into it.

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