Miami Heat Rumors: Is Kelly Oubre a free agent target for the Heat?

Kelly Oubre Jr. #3 of the Phoenix Suns in action against the Miami Heat (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Kelly Oubre Jr. #3 of the Phoenix Suns in action against the Miami Heat (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat have been linked to quite a few guys already as we look to the offseason. Is Kelly Oubre, forward for the Phoenix Suns, a name on that list?

The Miami Heat are getting set to return to the court in an effort to complete the remainder of the season that was left in its place by the coronavirus. Joined by the rest of the league, the slight details that have emerged seemed to indicate that they will finish out what is to be the remainder of the season and the playoffs presumably, in a place that they can manufacture into a “bubble city”.

This concept describes a place where the incoming and outgoing traffic can be controlled, tested, regulated, and accounted for at all times. If a problem were to break out, it can be identified, contained, and isolated, while the overall likelihood of initial occurrence is low due to potentially not being exposed to the outside world in the first place, so to speak.

While that may be a return to the normalcy of an actual NBA season, NBA business never stops. This includes things such as contract talks, the NBA Draft, and of course, both trade and free agency rumors. The last one, free-agency rumors, is the topic of importance here today.

In a recent piece published by Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Jackson dives into a pile of names that have been linked to the Miami Heat. At least that’s the sentiment you get from reading this excerpt from the piece.

"While Antetokounmpo certainly remains a possibility for Miami, here’s how I would rank the Heat’s next best/most likely non-Giannis options, factoring in the quality of the player, Heat interest (at least what’s known of it) and how realistic it is:"

Well, what actually makes the fact interesting that Jackson indicates that there is a link between the Miami Heat and the players he names is because there was one in particular on his list that we haven’t heard a ton about in reference to the Heat. Here’s the thing though, if he put it out there, there’s something to it.

The Miami Heat are thought to be players in free agency until they get their guy. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald thinks that Kelly Oubre might be that guy.

With that in mind though, you have to assume that Jackson has heard, seen, and/or witnessed something that gives him these inclinations. If you take these at face value as “rankings”, as he puts it, then Kelly Oubre is the seventh-ranked most likely Miami Heat free-agent target if they strike out on Giannis Antetokounmpo. Here is what Jackson had to say of Oubre.

"Suns forward Kelly Oubre Jr. (unrestricted in 2021): He’s due to be unrestricted in 2021, and I wouldn’t rule this out if he keeps developing. He averaged 18.7 points and 6.4 rebounds and shot 35.2 on threes for Phoenix and he’s only 24."

Kelly Oubre has been an absolute stud for the Phoenix Suns in all areas and at both ends of the floor this season. With all things considered, the team that drafted Oubre in the Washington Wizards must most certainly be kicking themselves over the trade that sent Oubre away for Trevor Ariza, who now plays in Portland.

Oubre is a hyper-athletic wing, with extreme length and instincts. While he still has a lot to learn, his ability to simply know where to be at all times on both ends of the floor is uncanny. He is a two-way player and my lord, would Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra probably love to get him in the Miami Heat program.

To be frank and in the most Miami Heat way possible, Oubre represents the path that Derrick Jones Jr. is hopefully on. You also would like to hope that if they were to land Oubre, that it wasn’t to replace Derrick Jones Jr., because what a sight that would be to see them both getting up and down together on the same team.

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It would be awesome, if you ask me. In answering the question though, whether Kelly Oubre a free agent target for the Miami Heat or not, we don’t know for sure. However, it seems that he might be and we sure hope so.