Miami Heat Hot Topics: Restarting, America’s unrest, Duncan Robinson & more

Head coach Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat answers a question from the media regarding coronavirus(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Head coach Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat answers a question from the media regarding coronavirus(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Derrick Jones Jr. #5 of the Miami Heat signals to his teammates against the Orlando Magic (Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images) /

Here are some of this week’s most interesting Miami Heat pieces from around the FanSided NBA Network.

From Around the FanSided NBA Network

Miami Heat: Should the team resign Derrick Jones Jr.?Hoops Habit, Sam DiGiovanni

"At just 23 years old, Jones is good enough to help Miami win now, young enough to improve, and detriments brought on by his shooting deficiency are mitigated by the abundance of shooters Miami has. He’s a player Miami should absolutely look to bring back. Although free agency isn’t his – or anyone else’s – focus at the moment, Jones has expressed a desire to stay in Miami. Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald reported that Jones told reporters during an April online press conference that he wants to remain with the Heat. “I want to be in Miami,” Jones said Friday while sitting in front of a pristine Miami blue sky on the Zoom conference call. “Like I told y’all before. I don’t want to leave. You see the backdrop. I love it here. This is beautiful. I want to be here my whole career. Just if I can have that and we can come to an agreement with the Heat, I’m with it. I just want to be here. This is beautiful for me and my family.”"

Miami Heat: 3 players with the most to prove in NBA’s returnAll U Can Heat, Collin Loring

"So Jimmy Butler and the Heat will get a chance to contend for a title after all. While there are still some questions about the season’s finish, it’s confirmed that basketball is indeed on the way. Miami was the fourth-best team in the Eastern Conference at the start of the hiatus, behind Butler’s inaugural season with the Heat and Bam Adebayo’s growth into an All-Star. But which of the team’s personnel have the most to prove in the season’s finish? A look at three Miami Heat players with the most to gain (or lose) in the remaining stretch."

Miami Heat: Pat Riley most often always… gets his guyAll U Can Heat, Kenneth Wilson

"Their greatest player of all time, Dwyane Wade, is a name that would probably most commonly come to mind for most and that is about as you would expect it to be. While all of these names are names that cross my mind when I think of our favorite professional basketball team, no name comes with more force and momentum than The Godfather himself, Pat Riley. While oftentimes having an associated name, coach, or executive with a larger than life persona is not the best thing for any organization, group entity, or in this case, pro sports team, it isn’t a bad thing at all for the Miami Heat. For the Heat, Riley’s seat at the top conveys a clear and concise message. There will be hard work and you will buy-in, if not you will not be here but if you do, you will experience success."

Miami Heat: The Top 5 stuffings from across the last decade. dark. Next

The Miami Heat are headed back to the court for what looks like it should be a barn burner of a conclusion to the season. We sure can’t wait to see it all play out and especially because we haven’t had any NBA basketball in quite a while.

Let’s hope they can come out and pick back up where they left off, or better. Until the next time though, this has been the latest version of AUCH’s Miami Heat Hot Topics!