Miami Heat Rumors: Will they eventually take a Look at DeMarcus Cousins?

The Miami Heat are always looking to improve if they can. Would they ever consider taking a chance on a recovering DeMarcus Cousins for a playoff run?

As many Miami Heat fans know, Pat Riley and company are always looking to improve the roster, no matter the circumstances. So, since the question is out there, should Miami pursue DeMarcus Cousins?

Selfishly, I’ve always been a Cousins fan and have always felt that the media was always out to get him for whatever reason. Even though initially people will probably scoff at the idea for fear that Cousins might mess up the team chemistry and interfere with others’ playing time.

So, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me try to explain why it would be worth a shot for Miami to acquire the four-time All-star.

The explanation

First, since it’s looking like teams are going to have a mini-training camp when they come back, it would be perfect for Cousins to join the team and get all the cobwebs off himself. Miami loves reclamation projects and did have an interest in Cousins last summer before he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

This would really put the Miami Heat Culture to the test and really sell what Miami fans are buying into for the past couple of years. Cousins’s Attitude would fit right in with the culture and personally, I don’t think Cousins is as bad of a teammate as the media likes to promote.

The Miami Heat could use another body for the playoff stretch, but will that be the big body of Boogie Cousins?

The Contract

I would like to see Miami give him a two-year deal, so he’s on the team next year, possibly even given the chance to start. For Miami to sign Cousins, they would have to give up a roster spot and I think that the move to make would be to waive Solomon Hill.

Hill hasn’t provided much to the team and if I were to guess properly, he won’t be on the team next year anyway.

The Reality

I know the Miami Heat like to be bold, but I don’t think they will pull the trigger to sign Cousins. I just don’t think the timing is right with everything that is currently going on.

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But I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if Miami took a look at him again in the offseason, at least maybe kicking the tires on him. Sadly though and again, I don’t think Cousins will be with Miami for the playoffs but as always, in Pat Riley we trust! If he wants him though, he’ll get him.