Miami Heat: This Caron Butler story is something we all need to see

Houston Rockets center Yao Ming (R) blocks a shot by Miami Heat Forward Caron Butler (L)(RHONA WISE/AFP via Getty Images)
Houston Rockets center Yao Ming (R) blocks a shot by Miami Heat Forward Caron Butler (L)(RHONA WISE/AFP via Getty Images) /

Former Miami Heat player and first-round draft pick, Caron Butler, is known as “Tuff Juice”. Here’s a story that shows how he became that guy.

The Miami Heat are a team that is known for some of the greatest ballplayers to ever lace up their sneakers. While most of that notoriety comes from on the court accolades and performances, a lot of them have lived just as exciting, interesting, or eventful lives away from the NBA hardwood.

One former Miami Heat player is the definition of just such a thing. Caron Butler was not only a very good basketball player in the NBA, but he also has a story that is Oscar-worthy.

He recently posted something to his social media account that would serve as an amazing teaser for what could be an abbreviated version of his life story up until this point. Here is the post that I’m referring to, from his official Twitter account.

A commonly discussed story, if you follow the league as closely as I do, Caron Butler was a pretty troubled teenager as he came up in Wisconsin. A product of gang activity and drug dealing, Butler made it out of his situation due to hard work, generosity, and a desire to give him a chance by the man he’s standing beside in the above post.

The Miami Heat’s 2002 first-round pick in Caron Butler almost never made it there. His story is one we all need to hear.

While the entire story is quite a hefty one to go through here, the main bullet points are as follows. After spending time institutionalized for a previous drug and firearms-related offense, Butler was out and on a better path.

He then found himself in the midst of another unfortunate situation that led the above-pictured man alongside Butler in former Racine, Wisconsin policeman, Detective Richard Gellar, right to his doorstep. When Butler claimed to not be involved in the drug-related incidents that led Gellar to his doorsteps that day, Gellar believed Butler’s claim.

In believing Butler that day, something that Gellar didn’t have to do as he had the authority of his superior to arrest Butler and especially with Butler’s prior criminal history, Gellar chose to do the thing that would springboard Butler to a very profitable career and enriching life.

He gave Butler the chance to prove that he was being honest by not arresting him. Had it not been for Gellar’s compassion and understanding on that day, Butler would have never been drafted by the Miami Heat, among many other things.

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In a time and point in history where this very topic makes the hair stand up on the back of some of our necks, this was something we needed to see. In a time where the Miami Heat must hold Town Halls on the civil and social unrest in our country right now, this was a story worth sharing.

That is why this story of the former Miami Heat first round draft pick in Caron Butler, was something that we all needed to see.