Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade back on his Dennis Rodman shenanigans

The Miami Heat’s greatest player ever can do whatever he wants to do. Dwyane Wade knows that and does just that, even with his hair.

The Miami Heat have been full of characters. As an organization, they have housed some of the most charismatic, electric, and eclectic personalities that the league has ever seen.

You start with former Miami Heat champion and one of the all-time greatest players and big men in NBA history, Shaquille O’Neal. Anywhere that Shaq is, just instantly turns into a party, he is that type of guy. And believe me, he just brings that type of energy.

Although not of the same ilk of eclectic, Michael Beasley is just different. Chalk that up to whatever you may, but it’s pretty clear that Beas marches entirely to the beat of his own drum.

From Chris Bosh to LeBron James, the Big 3 era was a walking sketch comedy show, so there are those characters. From the many photobombs to the Harlem Shake video we all have come to love, those teams were some of the more personality-filled teams that the league has ever seen.

Well, not to be outdone, the Miami Heat’s greatest player ever in Dwyane Wade has jumped out the proverbial window in recent months. He has changed the style and color of his hair at a very rapid pace recently and to critical reviews.

Miami Heat legend, Dwyane Wade, is filled with personality. Recently, he’s worn that personality all over his… head.

He’s back at it again though. This time, with the help of a stylist he found on social media. See for yourself.

He got the theme right, right? Enflamed from his back neckline to the top of his noggin, along the backside of his head, Flash now sports a flamed up fiery pattern. That’s culture all upside your head (*rimshot, I’ll be here all week).

The man has some serious style and some serious bravado. It takes that to be able to pull off some of the stuff that he does.

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It may not be for everybody, but who cares, Father Prime is living his best life and setting trends while doing it. Kudos to you D.Wade.

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