Miami Heat: These are the main reasons they beat the Bucks on Tuesday

The Miami Heat finally finished their second-round series on Tuesday. Here are the reasons why they beat the Bucks in Game Five.

The Miami Heat needed to end their second-round playoff series against the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday. With Milwaukee set to be without Giannis Antetokounmpo, it was just that much more imperative that they finish it then.

If they were to somehow let this game slip away from them, not only would the Bucks be energized by the win and pulling back to within a game of tieing this series up, but they would then have an extra boost to look forward to with Giannis coming back.

Let’s not kid ourselves. If Milwaukee could have squeaked out a win in Game Five of this series, The Greek Freak would have definitely played in Game Six. There is no world where I can see him not suiting up if that had happened.

Here’s the thing though, it didn’t. There were three very specific reasons why it didn’t either.

Let’s get into them a little bit.

The Miami Heat finished the Bucks on Tuesday. It was possible for these three reasons.

It’s simple, the Miami Heat got big shot-making from Tyler Herro, Goran Dragic, and Jae Crowder.

Darn their efficiency or shooting percentages, in the most premium moments for the Heat and all throughout their comeback after a sluggish first quarter, it was one of these three gentlemen who hit a big shot or made a big play to keep the Heat in the game or ahead.

Tyler Herro continued right where he left off in Game Four, making crazy shots and doing all types of Herroic things. Jae Crowder did what he has done since coming over to the Miami Heat in the middle of the season.

He knocked down huge three-pointers and played Miami Heat tough defense. Goran Dragic… that’s it, what more is needed?

All year long, Goran Dragic has come up big for the Miami Heat, hitting clutch shot after shot. It was no different on Tuesday and neither was our resident Dragon. 

This was a colossal win for the Miami Heat and they did what they had to do on Tuesday to get it. They will now wait to see who can outlast who in the other series, either the Raptors or Boston.

Either way it goes, the Miami Heat will be rested and ready. On Tuesday though, the three players mentioned were the reason the Miami Heat were able to end their second-round series over Milwaukee. And we loved to see it!