Miami Heat: Pat Riley in forever mode and feeling great about his team

Miami Heat president Pat Riley address reporters during a press conference (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat president Pat Riley address reporters during a press conference (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat’s team president was yet to speak after their NBA Finals appearance. On Friday, the Godfather of basketball spoke!

It had been several weeks since the Miami Heat had their bid for an NBA Title nixed at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers. We had wondered when we would hear the great Pat Riley speak on this season, how it played out, and what we can look for in the future.

Well, on Friday, it happened.

He said a ton of things. The Godfather always does drop a few golden nuggets when he speaks though.

While his age and continued passion for the game had been concurrent questions for a few years now, Pat Riley, kind of, cleared the air on that topic Friday. Here is what he had to say.

Well, with the way that he has always been able to put a winning situation together down there, it’s hard to imagine him being forced out of the door anytime soon. It’s safe to say that as long as he wants the job, he’ll be there and we couldn’t be happier to have him there.

That wasn’t it though. Many of us wondered about our ability to continue to be competitive.

The Miami Heat are in good hands moving forward, the same ones that they have been in for years now. That would be those of the great Pat Riley.

While we know that we will still have a talented team next season, some wondered whether this run was a fluke or not. I didn’t think so.

Neither did Riley though. Here is what he had to say on the Miami Heat’s team and roster at the moment.

Well, alright, Riles! Say it with your chest, as Mark Jones would say.

The Miami Heat have a roster and a team that is built to keep on competing. While that isn’t a notion screamed by their top-end talent, the fact that they are built positionless, multiple, and interchangeably is what really separates them from most teams.

Let’s face it though, the Miami Heat have quite a bit of talent on their roster as well. Not to mention the untapped talent yet, such as the full range of Chris Silva and anything we get from KZ Okpala.

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The Miami Heat are in good hands, as Riles will be there and in a good place, as he laid out for you. Whether it be two months from now or three months from now, I am so ready to begin again.