The Miami Heat should go big at the draft… or nothing at all

A general view of the draft board following the first round of the 2019 NBA Draft(Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)
A general view of the draft board following the first round of the 2019 NBA Draft(Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat have options when it comes to the NBA Draft. With visits and interest in a few different prospects, they should either go big man… or not at all.

The Miami Heat enter the NBA Draft season in a very interesting situation. The NBA Draft is meant to set your team up for the future, either by drafting your next potential cornerstone or plugging holes with key, yet cheap, pieces.

The Miami Heat find themselves in a place where they are already a contending team, as shown this past season, who is in need of a few key pieces to take them over the top, making them a year in and year out contender.

In this past NBA Finals, their need for more help down low against opposing bigs and another impact guy to get a bucket when it all breaks down was on full display. That’s what has brought us here.

In all likelihood and on a contending team, even the first overall pick in this draft probably wouldn’t be an impact guy right away. With that in mind, the Miami Heat can only fill one of those needs via the draft.

The Miami Heat own the 20th pick in this coming NBA Draft. What should they do with it though?

That’s what led us here.

With a reported interest in a myriad of prospects, ranging from all positions, the Miami Heat shouldn’t even kid themselves. When drafting, they should be looking big man or nothing at all.

It really is that simple. They have quite a few ball handlers, shooters, and even if not listed by traditional skillset/positional correlations, meaning the best shooters on this Heat team are a 6’9 small forward and a 6’7 power forward, while one of the best ball handlers is your 6’10 center in Bam Adebayo.

Besides, they don’t operate with a true lead ball-handler anyways, so it’s not like you need one specific guy to initiate or jumpstart the offense. They all take turns doing it.

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Now, I honestly don’t think they should or will use this pick on a prospect, as it would better serve them as an asset in a trade for a proven guy but if they do, it shouldn’t be on anything or anyone shorter than 6’9.

That’s a fact. This is why the Miami Heat should go big man at the draft… or nothing at all.