Miami Heat: Imagining 5 Halloween costume designs for current players

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra reacts against the Orlando Magic (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra reacts against the Orlando Magic (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (left) celebrates with Miami Heat forward Duncan Robinson (right) during the second half against the Indiana Pacers (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Holidays are rolling around and the Miami Heat should participate.

Duncan Robinson – Jimmy Neutron

We can thank the Los Angeles Lakers for this one. However, we didn’t say that it was bad or that they were wrong.

In fact, they were dead on with this one. I don’t know if everyone is familiar, but during the NBA Finals, Duncan Robinson recalled that during the games, he could hear the Lakers bench calling him “Jimmy Neutron”.

Again, they didn’t miss with that one. The sharpshooting forward does look like the boy genius from the hit Nickelodeon cartoon.

Duncan has the hair and the face down pat, obviously and apparently, based on the whole Lakers fiasco. All he would need to do at this point is his best Steve Urkel on the outfit, stick a couple of pens into his pocket protected front shirt pocket, and we have one of the best Halloween costumes of the year.

Jimmy Butler – Luigi from Mario

Well, based on a recent video of Jimmy Butler, we can see that he trimmed the mustache. Thank goodness.

But… it would have gone perfectly with his costume if he were going to dress up. He had the Luigi from Mario mustache thing going there.

All he would have needed is the green “L” cap, a set of overalls, a green turtleneck, and some white gloves. The Mustache was enough to sell it all when he had it going.

You say Luigi because he was the tall one. If Jimmy’s favorite color is Miami Heat red though, then he could switch the color schemes and trade in the “L” hat for a red “M” hat.

Boom! There you go.

Perhaps he could do a change mid-celebration and be both of them. He had the mustache for it all bubble long.

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Losing the NBA Finals was the trick, but returning ready to do it all over again in just a short while will be the treat. We can’t wait until it happens.

Enjoy your Halloween though and be safe!