Why the Miami Heat and Wesley Matthews are a hand in glove fit

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) dribbles against Milwaukee Bucks guard Wesley Matthews (9)(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) dribbles against Milwaukee Bucks guard Wesley Matthews (9)(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat need help along the wings, offensively and defensively. Wesley Matthews seems like a low cost, but productive, option to pry into.

The Miami Heat are a team build on hustle, effort, and grit. It makes total sense why they have a whole pack of, what we like to call dogs in the sports world, on their roster.

Wesley Matthews would be another dog for Miami, who also just so happens to need another 3 & D guy. Matthews spreads the floor well, shooting 36.4 percent from three last year and a career percentage of 38.1 percent from three.

Also, Matthews shoots the ball well from the corner. That fits perfectly with Miami as well, based on their kick out offense, along with his ability to post up smaller guards and can create off the bounce a little as well.

But the main reason why Matthews coming to Miami would be huge is for his defensive ability. What people are not talking about is that this Miami team got exhausted from their NBA Finals run.

The Miami Heat could always use another 3 & D guy. Wesley Matthews, come on down!

Especially Jimmy Butler, who basically did everything for Miami during their playoff run, from bringing the ball up to running their offense to guarding the opposing teams best player to hitting clutch shots and then on top of it all, playing about 40 plus minutes throughout the playoffs.

Yeah, Butler was that dude this year but for Miami to get the most out of the Butler years, getting a guy like Matthews would be huge for Miami. Matthews can give Butler much needed rest on defense by guarding the opposing team’s best player.

Matthews is a big strong defender who can guard any wing in the league, make them work, and keep Butler from not using all of his energy throughout the year on the two-way grind. During the regular season, Matthews defended Lebron James and Kawhi Leonard, doing a decent job defending them both.

Matthews would get in their personal space and make them work to get points, which is exactly what you want him to do when guarding those type of guys. Why have Butler spend more energy than he needs to, when superstars will put up points anyways?

Matthews is the perfect guy to fill out that role. Offensively, Matthews can fit right in with his ability to put the ball on the floor, while his ability as a good cutter fits right in with Miami’s playing style.

We saw Duncan Robinson struggle during the playoffs at times with his shot, with teams also attacking him of the bounce. Having a guy who is a better defender than Robinson and one that can hit the open three isn’t a bad option to have for Miami.

Miami signing Matthews would go under the radar, while the mainstream media probably wouldn’t even talk about it but that’s fine. Matthews does all the little things that Miami loves in a player and would be huge for Jimmy Butler to get more of a rest defensively.

You also love the fact that he has shown to be able to hit an open three. It’s a marathon, not a sprint if you’re the Miami Heat and extra rest for Jimmy G Buckets is necessary.

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Also, in case you’re wondering. Yes, Matthews fits the culture. Plus, why not bring one of The Greek Freak’s teammates in to make him feel comfortable.