Miami Heat Draft: Jay Scrubb presents an interesting option

The Miami Heat are slated to pick 20th in the upcoming NBA Draft. Could they take a player who never played Division I basketball?

Fresh off a run to the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat are slated to pick 20th in the upcoming NBA Draft. With a ton of interesting prospects to choose from and though no one surefire top guy, which makes it all the more interesting as a whole, the Miami Heat will have a chance to land a pretty good player all the way down at 20.

While they have clear and definite needs, as far as rim protection, a big body, and as far as help in the middle overall goes, they may choose to go otherwise. Could the Miami Heat choose to take a guy that hasn’t played a lick of big-time ball, at least none of the Division I college variety?

According to Jake Weingarten of, the Miami Heat have met with the Top Junior College player in the country. See for yourself.

Among the teams that have already met with Jay Scrubb, being the Heat, Lakers, and Pistons, Weingarten also reports that he’s worked out for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Houston Rockets. Of note as well, he states that “many love the potential of Scrubb”.

The Miami Heat need a big man, clearly, but will they go wing in the upcoming NBA Draft?

With just one view of his plethora of highlight reels, you can see why. He is uber-athletic, crafty in the paint, has an off the dribble game that is only complimented by his seemingly tight handle, and is capable of hitting the jump shot.

You do notice that he drives middle/left and finishes with his dominant left hand a lot. His jumper also has this sort of James Harden thing to it as far as formation and release. Off of a glance and not to say he is or will be either of these guys, the way he moves and plays actually has some James Harden and Dwyane Wade-esque things about it.

These reports aren’t anything definitive for Miami, as there were other teams mention for example. What this is though is a very interesting prospect that we should probably keep an eye on.