Miami Heat: 3 Reasons why Precious Achiuwa can contribute right now

Memphis Tigers forward Precious Achiuwa (55) blocks the shot of SMU Mustangs Isiah Jasey (22)Ah4w7377
Memphis Tigers forward Precious Achiuwa (55) blocks the shot of SMU Mustangs Isiah Jasey (22)Ah4w7377 /
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Miami Heat
Memphis Tigers forward Precious Achiuwa blocks a shot by East Carolina Pirates guard Tremont Robinson-WhiteW 27880 /

The Miami Heat look to bring in certain types of guys, ones that fit their culture. Precious Achiuwa seems to be one of those guys.

Excelling At The Small Things Is A Talent

Let’s look back at one sentence in particular from Givony’s post-pick analysis. He said, “Achiuwa is a perfect fit both positionally on their roster as well as characterwise fitting into the #HeatCulture”.

Stop. Right there!

When looking at Achiuwa, he has the potential, talent, and upside to become a very dynamic player one day on both ends. Heck, he’s already pretty good.

The thing about him though is this. Even if he didn’t develop a single skill more, but continued to see the NBA game, while fine-tuning what he already does, and understanding the nuances of the game better, he would be a very good player.

That’s isn’t saying a star player or a superstar player, which are potential outcomes for Achhiuwa and what we hope to get from him across his career, but what it says is that he already plays the game the right way and is built of the right stuff. As the header implies, he excels at the little things.

Those things like hustle, effort, grit, determination, and a yearning to outwork the next man, all those things that the Heat value so much, he has them. That in itself is a talent.

It’s a talent that regardless of what tier of player you reach or become, main role-guy, star, or occasional rotational piece, will keep you in the league a long time. Again, for Precious, we can see superstardom with his gifts but those things are what should allow him to at least make an immediate impact starting a month or so from now.