Miami Heat: Here’s to hoping for a James Johnson buyout

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Miami Heat

Portland Trail Blazers center Hassan Whiteside (21) foils Miami Heat forward James Johnson (16)
(Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

The Miami Heat need a few pieces to sure up the roster heading into the season. A guy that could fill a few roles is… former Miami Heat forward, James Johnson.

The Miami Heat are a team that moves with purpose and with logic. We just wanted to get that out there first before we begin to sound crazy.

Here’s the thing, sometimes we or they might not want something, but in order to get the bigger mission accomplished, they have to. Now, this particular situation has a little bit of everything involved in it, if we are being totally honest.

The Miami Heat had to trade James Johnson last year to make the money situation work within the deal they were trying to get done. Looking back on it all, it was the right move to make, however, that doesn’t mean that James Johnson couldn’t have helped the Miami Heat during their NBA Finals run either.

Let’s look a bit deeper.

While his performance wasn’t worthy of the money he was making, money that was given to him by Miami in the first place, he did have a few setbacks entering last season before he was moved. However, with all of the chips on the line, I can bet that Pat Riley at least waffled a bit on trading James Johnson last season when he did.

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