Miami Heat Free Agency Signings On Brand With The Culture

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro (14) shoots the ball over LA Clippers forward Maurice Harkless (8)(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro (14) shoots the ball over LA Clippers forward Maurice Harkless (8)(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat had a pretty decent free agency signing period. Although fairly procedural and basic, it was a true representation of their culture.

The Miami Heat didn’t do anything splashy this Free Agency. Well, that’s if we aren’t considering getting a low-cost replacement for almost exactly what Jae Crowder provided in Moe Harkless, give or take a few three-point shooting percentage points.

You also throw in the fact that they were able to land a guy that not only fills a desperate need for them, but weakens their latest immediate enemy in the team that beat them in the NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers. That “desperate need” is a guy who can lock down opposing point guards, as the Heat got torched at times by lead guards who could get it done.

The Miami Heat go about things a certain kind of way, organizationally and approaching the game. Their most recent new signings are indicative of that very fact.

The Miami Heat had certain types of guys in mind as they brought new faces to this team. Yes, they had to fill the void that Jae Crowder would ultimately leave, but they didn’t compromise anything to do it.

They not only brought in players that always play with supreme toughness, effort, and grit, but they are also multiple and defensive-minded. Harkless shot around 35 percent from three last season on two attempts per game, while Bradley sank 36 percent of his attempts on 3.5 attempts per contest, so the three-point shooting possibilities with both was also an attractive option to go along with everything else they offer.

Again though, the selling point on both of these guys is their defensive potential. They offered the Miami Heat two efficiently priced guys who could play up and down the lineup in a myriad of different positions and across just as many situations.

It allows them to further be that “switch everything” team that they want to be. That’s the team they need to be to be at their best.

The object of it all is to eliminate the opportunity for a matchup problem at any time. These two guys help make that inevitable bad matchup less likely.

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The Miami Heat didn’t shock the basketball world, but they did do enough to put them right back in a position to do what they did last season. Another season better and with a few tinkers made, they should be a fun team to watch again this season.

It should be another wild ride.