The Miami Heat may have their next Derrick Jones Jr. type

Miami Heat forward Derrick Jones Jr. (5) dunks the ball against the Washington Wizards(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward Derrick Jones Jr. (5) dunks the ball against the Washington Wizards(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Steven Adams #12 of the Oklahoma City Thunder catches a pass against Derrick Jones Jr. #5(Kevin C. Cox/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat signed a little known Cameroonian player to their training camp roster, with a chance to earn a two-way slot and/or a G-League roster spot.

The Miami Heat know what they are doing. That’s absolutely something that can’t be doubted.

We said that to, first of all, say that if they think he’s worth bringing in and giving a hard enough look, such as the exhibit 10 deal, then he must have some major upside. We already know what we think when we look at Eboua though.

Before we start to bloviate on it too much, allow us to submit this into evidence. Here is a draft profile from the Youtube channel of NBA Junkies that highlights some of the things to like.

What pops out at you immediately about Eboua is his athletic ability. He is a run and jump athlete if I ever did see one.

With his combination of physical size, length, and athleticism, he could turn out to be more than just a project player for the Miami Heat. This is where the Derrick Jones Jr. thoughts come into play.

He has some of that freaky Airplane Mode above the rim activity to him. If you’ll notice in the clip above, when he finishes at the rim, he always has a ton of room to spare on the explosion up.

He can flat out sky. With his size though, he actually makes Derrick Jones Jr. look pretty small.

Here’s what I’m imagining. I’m imagining Eboua going about it exactly the same way that DJJ did in Miami.

Derrick Jones Jr. was raw when he arrived in Miami. Heck, he still is pretty raw, as far as polish and nuance to his offensive game.

That’s Eboua. He is super talented and seems to excel and make a name right now by just playing basketball, finding the open area, and being a better athlete.

That’s almost identical to what Derrick Jones Jr. has been able to do with the Miami Heat. Now, think about that in a bigger and more physical frame.

That could be special. Yes, you do wonder if he has the ability to guard as well as DJJ did or somewhere close.

However, most of that was rooted in his overall versatility and recovery ability more than his ability to flat out lock any one guy up. Here’s the thing about Eboua though.

He’s that type of athlete, but with more upside because of his size and ability to actually matchup better with small ball fours and fives.

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As always, the Miami Heat found a pearl to polish.

If they can bring the luster out of this one, then he may just be a massive haul. I can’t wait to see how he reacts to training camp and if that is a good one, then they have found their next Derrick Jones Jr. type of athlete.