Miami Heat: Be Thankful That You Are A Fan Of This Team

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra on the sideline during the first quarter(Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra on the sideline during the first quarter(Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat are one of the best organizations in sports, even when they aren’t one of the best teams. There’s reason to be thankful that they’re your team.

The Miami Heat is an organization that always does things a certain kind of way. More often than not, that is what most would consider to be the right way.

You don’t have to be the most talented guy or player in the world but if you work hard, focus, and give them all you have, they can typically make a pretty good pro out of guys. Now, that doesn’t mean that they can’t spot or find talent though, because if you have just a little bit, they also know how to maximize that to get the most out of it and you as the player.

The Miami Heat aren’t ever going to chase their tails. You never find yourself asking “what are they doing”?

Even during the offseason a few years back when they signed Dion Waiters and James Johnson to the deals, 2017 I believe, they had a plan in place. Even if that team wasn’t a winning one, those deals were very tradable at the time.

On top of always having a semblance of direction at least, they aren’t one of these teams that perpetually lose. No matter if it’s due to tanking or trying and simply being unable to get it done, losing is losing and it sucks as a team, organization, and fanbase.

The Miami Heat might not be title worthy every year, but they always compete for a playoff spot, even if they come up short. Sometimes even more impressive than making or barely missing the playoffs, actually exactly the scenario a few seasons back, they make a mean run and an attempt at the postseason with a roster that shouldn’t come anywhere close to sniffing such events.

The Miami Heat try to do things the right way without cheating their fans. We should all be thankful we are fans of them… and not of a host of other teams.

That’s the truth. Anybody remember the 2016-17 season, where they went 30-11 to close the season?

Yes, they just missed the postseason that year but extrapolated out to a whole season of having their stuff that together, they are a 60 win team. That wasn’t the case but that also isn’t the point.

The point is that no matter how bad this team is playing or how good they are playing, you really can’t tell the difference. They come to work every single day and night with their hardhats on, ready to work.

Let’s just be plain here, you could be a fan of many different dysfunctional teams. Put a few names in a hat and pick one.

Let’s play a game. On three, just name an organization that fits the bill?

We all would win. We are all probably thinking of the same ones.

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Basically, there could be worst situations, while there are likely only a few that are out and out better than this one. For many reasons beyond these, but these as well, are why you should be thankful that you’re a fan of the Miami Heat.

Because, hey, you could do a lot worse.