Miami Heat: Dion Waiters still waiting to be signed is a sign

The Miami Heat moved on from Dion Waiters last season, to which he was then waived by the team they traded him to. He’s without a deal at the moment.

The Miami Heat seemingly had enough of the Dion Waiters experiment. That’s why, around the trade deadline last season, he was shipped off to Memphis as apart of the deal that netted the Miami Heat Jae Crowder, Andre Iguodala, and Solomon Hill.

After a time, he would eventually latch on with the soon to be champions, the Los Angeles Lakers. Here’s the thing though, he was hurt for much of their playoff run, not seeing a lick of time for most of his stint with the team.

We should all remember all of the above though. How could we forget?

I mean, Waiters did remind everyone that someone tried to “sabotage” him. You can only assume who he’s referencing.

If the Miami Heat move on from you after paying you, that’s a problem. Case and point… Dion Waiters doesn’t have a job yet.

In case you missed it, here is the evidence in question.

Well, just a short time later, less than three full months actually, Waiters is without a team. I wonder why?

So many answers could be the right one to this question, but it all boils down to one thing more than any other. Is bringing him into the fold and the domino effect that could eventually cause worth the potential production that he will offer your basketball team?

That’s a question where the answer right now seems to be a big resounding “no”. I mean, no team has signed him yet, right?

If the Miami Heat can’t find a role for you, with all of their scoring issues at times, that seems to say something about you. Like Hassan Whiteside, when they’ve paid you but then can’t seem to wait to ship you out, that says everything that you need to know about a player.

Really, it does. So, he was “Championship Cheese” a short while ago, but now he’s “Can I Get A Job Cheese”.

He’s “Still On The Couch Cheese”, he’s “Can’t Cut The Cheese”, and all of the above. No matter who he is today and why he isn’t signed yet, the fact remains that he isn’t.

We guess they weren’t trying to sabotage him. They clearly saw what every other team is now coming to the realization of, apparently.